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   Chapter 200 Big Head, Long Time No See!

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Crystal knew that Noah was the person who knew her the most in the world. They grew up together. They were very good friends in childhood, and they did not parte from each other. Even after growing up the friendship did not decrease because of the difference in gender between them. Sometimes, even his old grandmother wanted Noah to marry her when they grew up. Until later Noah became ill and she also left her hometown, they stopped contact each other. In fact, she knew that at that time their relationship was just a friendship without any mixed feelings. They were pure.

She tried to calm herself down and smiled naughtily. "I don't think I'm beautiful enough. That's why I have this surgery!"

Noah knew that there were some things that Ivy did not want to say, so he stopped asking.

Then Noah caught a glimpse at Toby and Mark and said, "they are..."

"They are all my friends. I happened to meet them this time, so I invited them to my house!"

Noah's eyes flashed. He felt that what she said was not the truth, but since his childhood, he had never doubted what Ivy said.

He greeted politely, "Hello! I'm Noah!

Mark nodded politely and said, "Hello! My name is Mark! "

Then it was Toby's turn. But when Mark looked at Toby, he was a little confused, as Toby was stunned there!

Mark touched Toby with his elbow and grumbled, "what are you thinking about? Say something! You are being impolite! Hey!"

Toby finally responded, looking at Mark "What did you say? "

Mark supported his forehead and thought, 'shit! Did I say something?'

After his words, Toby turned to Noah and politely greeted, "nice to meet you. I'm Toby. Nice to meet you! "

Mark was about to spit out blood, shit! 'is it Toby Li? Was he the dumbstruck Toby? Well. The sun is rising in the West today!'

Even Crystal felt there was something wrong with Toby. She looked at him.

"Ivy, since you are here, come with your friend to my home!"

Noah stretched out his hand friendly.

With a smile, Crystal said, "Noah, do you know why my father is

nd said, "Ivy, don't do this. If you are sad, just cry. Don't be like this, OK?"

He suddenly found that Crystal was a little strange to him. Her eyes were cold and frightening. Even Toby and Mark, who were standing behind her, stepped back with discernment. At first, Toby wanted to say something, but he controlled himself.

In fact, he wanted to say something to comfort her. But who was he? Who was she? She was his master and he didn't dare to act rashly! In fact, he was lying to herself. It was only because he didn't have the courage.

Crystal laughed coldly, "Big Head, do you think I should cry for him once? Or maybe I should kneel in front of his tomb and cry to death, and then tell him that his daughter was late?"

Noah shook his head and said calmly, "no, Ivy, I know what you have gone through. If I were you, I would drink a few glasses of wine to celebrate that he has finally left. Thank God for receiving him. I know you are sad, but you won't be sad for him for too long. You are still very kind. "

With a satisfied smile, Crystal said, "Big Head, you know me well! Yes, I am not so sad. I just feel a little pity! "

Noah didn't know the meaning.

Crystal said, "you're right. I should celebrate his death with you! Do you have wine? How about going to his grave and having a drink together? "

Noah nodded, "okay. Let's get hammered!"

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