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   Chapter 196 Ms. Crystal, Are You Sure It's Out Of Good Intention

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Jenny was the first one to react when Aunt Adela was thrown onto the ground. She glared at the man and shouted, "what are you doing? She is an old woman! Don't you know to respect the old and cherish the young? Didn't your mother teach you courtesy? "What?

The three masked men were speechless. Shit! Were you trying to help people today?

At the same time, Jared wanted to gag Jenny's mouth. 'damn it! Were you sure you were helping? what the fuck! Could you please shut up!

Edgar casually glanced at Crystal and thought, 'Crystal, were you sure you were doing good things?

However, Crystal was totally satisfied with Jenny's performance. In her eyes, Jenny was a little stubborn, but she liked girls with simple ideas!

Jenny's hands were tied, and she was held by the masked man. She could only turn her big eyes up and down. After a moment, she stretched out her strong legs and suddenly kicked the kidnapper on her side hard. Before the masked man could react, she cursed, "Damn it! How dare you push the old woman. How dare you! "

The man suddenly stood up from the ground, walked up to Jenny and slapped her, "Are you looking for death? You idiot! "

Suddenly, a red handprint appeared on Jenny's face, and there was a little blood at her mouth corner. Jenny casually licked the corners of her mouth, " Right! You should have respected old women. That's why I kicked you! You deserve it! You can bite me if you can! You bastards! Dare you take off your mask! Let me see your ugly face! I will bite you to death!"

Edgar couldn't believe his ears. He suddenly felt that he was not needed by anybody!

Crystal was speechless, 'Jenny was so hot tempered!'

At this moment, Jared had mixed feelings. He disliked Jenny's foolishness but was moved by her actions. At this critical moment, e

! He hadn't reached the peak of his life yet! So he just wanted to bury his head in his neck.

However, the reality was cruel!

The headman suddenly stopped in front of Jared.

He looked at Jared from head to toe and said, "He is fine! Just look at him and knew he was a gigolo! "

When Jared heard this, his legs became weak and he almost fainted. In fact, he wanted to say, "please spare me. I'm not a gigolo!"! I am not!

At that moment, he felt himself so miserable. He really wanted to tell his mother, "mother, it's all your fault. You brought me up as a girl! Look, what a pity!

Hearing what the leader said, those women didn't feel nervous anymore but began to regain consciousness! "Shit!"! Fortunately, they were not very white!

At the same time, Aunt Adela burst into tears bitterly! Please, let go of my son!"

At this time, a unhurried woman raised her head to look at the man in the lead. She bit her teeth and said calmly, "let go of Jared. If you want to kill him, kill me first!"

She said in a cool tone.

When everyone came to their senses, they only saw that Jenny whose hands were tied behind her back step by step moved in front of Jared, hiding him behind her. .

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