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   Chapter 195 She Was In Danger!

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"Uncle Bob, how interesting your sister is!"

"Yes! She is not only interesting, but also very beautiful. "

Those women pulled their shoulder straps out as they were talking, so as to show their body to Edgar.

But Edgar didn't even look at them. He turned around in disgust, trying to keep up with Crystal. Of course they noticed his impatience, but they pretended not to see it and continued to talk.

However, Edgar had been pissed off. He looked at them coldly and shouted, "fuck off! "

He said loudly, in a cold and emotionless tone.

Everyone trembled with fear and their faces were pale. They knew that Edgar was really angry. They stepped back in terror.

At this moment, there was a scream from the room, "ah!"

No!" he shouted! She is in danger!

The voice was from Crystal!

Then Edgar raised his foot quickly and rushed into the house.

But the moment he stepped into the room, he immediately stepped back.

The others in the courtyard, including Jared, were still scowling, wondered why Uncle Bob was so angry?

They had no time to consider Edgar's feelings now. Trembling all over, they saw a masked man walking out of the house, with one hand holding a sharp knife on Crystal's neck.

Then two more masked men followed him and dragged them out. Both Aunt Adela and Jenny were kidnapped.

It was Edgar who react first. He stared at them with his cold eyes and said coldly, "let her go, and I will spare your life!"

Those men wrapped themselves tightly, only revealing their eyes.

"Take out your money! Otherwise, don't blame me for shaking my hand, and I'll cut her face! "

After that, the two men behind gave Aunt Adela a slap.

Aunt Adela cried, "son, help me!"

At this time, Jenny lo

s. But at the same time, he was confused. How did the gangsters get in?

Jared was not stupid. Crystal knew that if she didn't solve the problem as soon as possible, he would definitely doubt it.

therefore. She sneaked a glance at the gangster.

Then the two men behind him reported to the man, "boss, our men are at the backyard. No problem! "

The words sounded like a little stone thrown into a lake.

People trembled with fear; what? Other gangsters? They were besieged!

Shit! No!

Suddenly, several women standing in the middle of the yard were dumbfounded and began to cry.

"Waah! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! "

Annoyed noise came from the back of Edgar. He shouted coldly, "shut up!"

The girls behind him suddenly stopped crying because of Edgar's shouting. So, they didn't dare to make any noise. Instead, they just lowered their heads and weeped silently.

At the moment, the gangster said, "if you refuse to pay, don't blame me for being cruel."

One of the men behind him violently pushed Aunt Adela to the ground with a thud.

Aunt Adela fell on the ground.

"Ah!" yelled the old lady, gritting her teeth.

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