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   Chapter 194 I Am A Relative of Aunt Adela

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Crystal walked up to them, tapped Jenny's face and said, "You are his girlfriend? Nice! Look, you are so pretty! "

Jenny was puzzled. "You are...? In fact, besides being confused, she was also shocked. The first feeling she saw Crystal was that she was exceedingly gorgeous! Very beautiful! She was so beautiful that she was not like an ordinary woman, and she was even more beautiful than those celebrities on TV!

But from her eyes, there was no trace of jealousy. Even though Jenny didn't know who Crystal was. Crystal only saw the word "shock" in her eyes!

Crystal was satisfied with that girl for she didn't show a trace of jealousy of her appearance. Even those women besides Edgar were pretty jealousy on their first sight of Crystal. They seemed to be asking who she was? She looked like a mistress!

Many people would envy and hate the one who was more beautiful and excellent than themselves.

However, there was no jealousy from Jenny. Perhaps she had hidden it deeply, or perhaps she was just an innocent girl in her nature. But no matter what kind of person she was, Crystal would try it out today.

"Nice to meet you. I'm a relative of Aunt Adela,"

Adela called out with her mouth wide open in an exaggerated way, "ah!" She stared at Crystal

Confused. What was she talking about?

Crystal put her hand on the Adela's arm and blinked at her to make an implication.

So Aunt Adela nodded and replied, "yes, she is my relative."

Jenny held Crystal's hand cheerfully, smiled and said, "nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you!"

Standing behind them, Edgar twitched the corner of his mouth and thought, 'Crystal, your lie has gotten worse again!'

The women standing behind her showed a trace of jealousy

to see Jared's girlfriend. Her girlfriend is really very beautiful. Although she doesn't dress well, the point is that she has a nice figure. I think she is way better than you. Am I right, brother? "

Edgar didn't understand why she said these nonsense, but he nodded silently. He replied, "Alas! You are right! He admitted it!

Since none of the four women was angry and jealous, it only meant that Jared was not worthy of their attention! Alright!

These women did not pay attention to Crystal. Their eyes had never left Edgar, so they did not care about the words. But in another word, what could they do if they cared? How could they fight with Crystal! Don't be ridiculous. She's Uncle Bob's sister! They just wanted to fawn on her!

They smiled and said, "yes, you are right! That girl was nice! Haha! "

Crystal felt bored to reply. Forget it. I don't want to talk with you! By the way, my brother is so free and energetic these days. You can take your time and get to know more about him. "

With these words, she ran into the room in a hurry. Damn!

With a long face, Edgar saw Crystal run inside. Please don't make trouble! That's annoying!

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