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   Chapter 192 Who Is She

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At this time, one of the women walked to Aunt Adela. She smiled and said, "Aunt Adela, as you said, we're so sorry to bother you today. We didn't expect that your house is so simple. I'm really surprised! But this is all right! "

Hearing her words, Crystal raised her head and looked at her coldly. It seemed that this woman was not so stupid! As far as she knew, this woman was at least a little smarter than others! Straightforward! ha-ha! She is such a sweet talker!

Edgar walked in together with her. His deep eyes had been staring at Crystal. Although she looked cold, he felt that from her subtle expression, he was more and more aware of what his woman was going to do.

All the people present paid attention to the woman who was standing in front of them, because they all knew that if they wanted to win Uncle · Bob's favor, they could only make Aunt Adela happy. They believed that as long as they looked virtuous, they could made a good impression on Uncle · Bob. However, no one had noticed the fact that Aunt Adela was Jared's mother.

Therefore, except for the fat women, all of the five women walked up to Aunt Adela and tried to chat with her.

At the same time, Edgar came to Crystal quietly and whispered in her ear, "if I ask someone to keep Jenny out of the house, then what you have done today will be in vain, won't it?"

Crystal was stunned at Edgar's words. Then she squinted and said indifferently, "is it necessary for me to answer you? My dearest brother! If you don't want me to tell the whole world that we are real brother and sister, you can do whatever you want! Anyway, I am just a dead person! "

Crystal looked at Edgar. It seemed that he had known everything. She could do nothing but curl her lips. She was not going to hide anything from him. She had planned this, but anyway, it was not a grievous thing. What was she afraid of! With a

tood quietly outside the door, with a chicken in her hand, and some nourishment that she bought on the way.

She shouted at the courtyard but there was no respond. She then asked, "is someone at home?"

Her voice was neither warm nor angry, nor delicate, nor hypocritical, but clean and generous!

Just then, Aunt Adela walked out and Crystal followed her out. Seeing Edgar walk out, Edgar naturally followed her.

The rest girls looked at each other and snorted. Since their prince charming was out, why did they stay here? Fight? Of course for the five of them, it was for sure to fight for their prince charming, but they also had to deceive Aunt Adela in front of them! Otherwise, it would be all in vain? They were not stupid and understood this point.

Jared pursed his lips and followed them out. He thought that he should pretend to be an invisible person!

But suddenly he felt that the voice was so familiar? It can't be true? Could it be her? Shit! He couldn't be that pathetic to have no girlfriend! Bang! He had to suspect that someone was messing with him!

He sighed, shook his head, and walked out on his legs. He had to face what he had to face! He couldn't do anything about it. Who else could she blame? Who should he blame!

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