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   Chapter 191 That's it!

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Noticing the joy on Adela's face, Crystal continued, "thank you for saving us, ma'am. We don't have anything to repay you, but we can do something to please you. It may be a little weird. But I think it's better to arrange a meeting for you and Jared to choose the best fiancee for him.

Hearing this, Aunt Adela seemed to like the idea. Of course, she didn't pay much attention to what they were wearing. Just as the Crystal said by her side, she could easily tell that which one was the most feminine!

But why were they standing in front of the young man!

Noticing the confusion on Adela's face, Crystal explained, "They work in my brother's company. Of course they need to follow his orders! "

Aunt Adela agreed with a smile. She said, "Girls. Come in."

When her husband, Uncle Smith, wanted to say something, he noticed that Aunt Adela cast a glance at him, he touched his nose and decided to feed the pigs in the backyard!

The sudden appearance of the couple Smith and Adela surprised everyone. Several women asked, "who are they?"? "Holy shit!" Jared shouted! ' If Dad and mom know that I dated these women, I will get screwed!'! Fuck up!

But now, Edgar wore an indifferent look. At least, he had the chance to get rid of these women. However, those women didn't even notice the anger on his face. And indifference!

"You know what? She is the person my brother respects most! Okay, let's get inside"

The words "the most respected one" gave these women confidence. If they could get recognition from Aunt Adela, they would not be far from success!

Hearing what she said, Edgar's mouth twitched.

However, the more Crystal behaved like this, the more Edgar felt that Crys

all these. But the topic today was not her.

Aunt Adela smiled at her and said, "I'm sorry, miss. But my son likes to brag. Please forgive him! That's the situation in our family. We won't force you if you don't want to"

However, those women didn't dare to make any comments. After all, she was the most respectful woman of Uncle Bob! But she could understand what Hannah had told her. Why did she say that if she didn't want them to be together, why didn't she force them? She tried to figure out the relationship between Jared's family and Uncle Bob. relative? A poor relative? Was she testing them to see if they were gold diggers? ok That was all she could think of for the time being.

'is this Uncle Bob's house?'? forget it! Uncle Bob was wearing an expensive watch and he looked very impressive. How could it be his house? Stop it! Unbelievable The only explanation was that when Uncle Bob happened to meet his relative, Adela, by accident. Furthermore, Adela had brought him up or had ever saved him once. So he respected the old lady the most. ok That's it!

Jared was totally a jerk when compared to Uncle Bob. A JERK!

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