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   Chapter 190 Gold Diggers!

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Jared nodded his head seriously. Indeed, that was exactly what he thought. Generally speaking, his girlfriends should have fought against each other and then cried to scold and blame him for all kinds of wrong things. But he was wrong. Her girlfriend spread out her hands and said, "don't overestimate yourself, Jared. Do you think you are a boss? Why should I feel sad for you! Keep dreaming! I'm telling you that we are over. It's not that I thought you were a bad woman, but that I don't like you any more. Do you understand! Get out of my sight now! Don't disturb me from chatting with my prince charming! "

Speaking of her prince charming, she felt excited. Someone told her that Jared was a jerk. He was in a relationship with other women at the same time. She was here today to curse him. But when she entered this courtyard and saw the perfect man in front of her, she completely forgot the purpose of coming here at the beginning. 'this man is so perfect. He has a handsome and charming face and is noble and elegant. It is easy to tell that he is not a common man. Look at his cell phone and watch. There is at least a million dollars on his wrist. Then take a look at Jared. He is totally a piece of shit!

Unless she was a fool. Otherwise, how could she stop flirting with that perfect guy.

The same thought occurred to all of them. A rich and handsome guy like him would always be a prince charming.

Therefore, she didn't want to talk to Jared anymore. She turned around and headed forward Edgar.

Jared raised his head to look at Edgar gingerly and said to himself, "boss, it's not that I don't want to he

lf well enough that Crystal wouldn't even think about the relationship with him. Her mind was stuffed with the issue of her mother.

At this time, Aunt Adela came back after farming. She was dumbfounded to see so many people in her house! So many women? Noticing Aunt Adela was back, Aunt Adela moved forward. "Hello, Aunt Adela!" she greeted with a smile

"Who are they?"

She pulled the lady to one side and said, "they are all from my brother's company. My brother asked them to come here today to have a blind date with your son. Don't worry, auntie. They are all innocent girls. Although they are scantily clad. Look at their plump buttocks. Damn! So hot!." Haha! "

After hearing what Crystal said, Aunt Adela was so excited that her eyes were shining! After a few days of getting along with Adela, Crystal had known what she was thinking. Her son was in his thirties now. To be honest, Jared was a handsome man with nice face.

But the only thing that bothered Adela was that Jared hadn't planned to get married yet. So at this moment, Aunt Adela was excited to hear that,

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