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   Chapter 185 Nice Taste!

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Crystal had already known what would happen after that, but she didn't expect that Tyron was so bold! She remembered that Tyron was 17 years old now. It was when he was confused. How could he fall in love at an early age!

Crystal kept asking, "what about uncle and aunt? Did they come back? "

"Ms. Crystal! Spencer asked us to pick up your uncle and aunt. But they insisted that they lived in that hotel comfortably and claimed that Spencer was their son-in-law! We couldn't persuade them to come with us. And they said that It's perfectly normal for a son-in-law to raise his parents-in-law. "

Hearing this, Crystal could not describe her current mood at all. She should be happy, because at least Spencer didn't do anything to Tyron, uncle and aunt! But she felt it was weird. She knew what kind of person Spencer was better than anyone else. He was a dangerous man. Why did her uncle and aunt not let him go?

It seemed that she had missed something interesting.

Crystal asked, 'Does Celine know about it? "

Toby replied, "I've heard that Miss Celine has come back from abroad and she will arrive at the airport tomorrow. By the way, Ms. Crystal, should we send someone to pick her up at the airport? "

Crystal was angry, "You pick her up in the airport? Do you want to tell her that a gang is closely watching her secretly? "

Toby didn't know what to say, "Well, ..."

Crystal said coldly, "all right, you guys keep an eye on Celine. Keep her safe all the time, and do not show up until the last resort!"

Toby replied, "Yes, Ms. Crystal, I know! Then what should we do next? "

Crystal continued to ask, "how about several companies that Terry has acquired recently?"

"Ms. Crystal! Everything is fine. Terry has successfully won the trust of Colin and Mia. At present, their company is very close to Terry's company, and the compan

but got so angry! Only several companies which cooperated with the Mu's group stopped their cooperation, why was he so angry?

The assistant complained to herself, unaware that Spencer was standing in front of her.

"Why do you wear so little clothes? Do you plan to seduce me? "

Spencer looked at his assistant with a half smile.

The assistant raised her head and looked into Spencer's cold eyes, trembling all over. "No, Mr. mu. I don't!"

"Why do women all like to say one thing and mean another? "

The assistant looked submissive on the surface, but she was very excited in her heart. It was said that Mr. Spencer's hobby was women. It was true. If she could be Mr. Spencer's woman, she would have a bright future. The more she thought, the more excited she was. Her hand began to pull off the clothes on her shoulder by accident. She was confident in her figure. No man could stand her seduction.

She stretched out her hands and touched his collar.

A dash of disgust flashed through his cold eyes. He sneered, "if you like it, then enjoy it!"

The assistant had been pushed to the ground before she could get his meaning.

The assistant was lying on the floor and looked at Spencer in shock. "Mr. Spencer, you"

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