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   Chapter 184 Ms. Crystal! It's Really You!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6926

Updated: 2020-02-19 00:14

And what Edgar said next made Jared wild with joy.

Turning to Jared, Edgar said, "Jared, if work hard, you'll get a chance to get promoted! "

'Shit! are my good days coming soon? be promoted! be promoted! Holy shit! Excellent! What did it mean? That was a symbol of his identity and his cap was in a high position!' Jared was excited.

"Thank you, Mr. Edgar. I won't let you down," Jared said with a smile

Edgar didn't believe much about Jared's sincerity! However, there was something that he couldn't do on his own. His men weren't around. He had few people to use!

Edgar said. "Well, you can keep an eye on the Luo group after you deal with those rubbish. Go back to work in a few days."

Jared nodded obediently, "Yes! Mr. Edgar! "

Then he took a look at the room behind Edgar and said, "Mr. Edgar, how about I find you a better hotel! The countryside may not be so comfortable for you! "

Edgar said coldly, "What? Do you want to drive me away? "

Jared quickly shook his head and replied, "no... no! I... I just"

Edgar interrupted him impatiently, "that's good! You just need to remember that you have never seen me! And the CEO of the Luo group has died from an accident! "

Hearing what Edgar said, Jared was shocked! It meant...

If, at this moment, Jared still didn't understand what Edgar meant, he could go to hell!

He replied respectfully, "yes! Uncle · Bob! "

Edgar nodded, "you are a clever man!"

Then Edgar turned around and said coldly, "Now you can go. I want to stay alone for a while! "

"Yes, sir!"

After Jared left, Edgar took out the two mobile phones and turned on them. After playing with them for a while, he smiled, "Leo, you're not stupid at all!"! "You even know to make the phone numbers couple numbers!"!

If Leo heard his boss praised him, he would surely be so happy that he couldn't fall asleep. Why! In his boss' eyes, Leo was always a simple minded man with a strong body. He said everything he could or couldn't say! It was a good start for Leo.

After putting his phone in order, Edga

e cell phone was quite suitable for girls. Her eyes blinked. She had to admit that sometimes, Edgar was really considerate.

She swiped the screen of her phone and dialed a number.

When the phone was answered, she said coldly, "Toby, it's me."

Toby's voice sounded surprised at first, and then elated.

"Ms. Crystal, it's really you! Where are you? "

Crystal said coldly, "don't worry about me. I'm fine! I told you to investigate something. Have you figured it out? Where did he trap Tyron? "

With his eyebrows frowned, Toby faltered, "Ms. Crystal..."

Crystal sensed the anxiety and nervousness in Toby's voice. Suddenly, she felt a cold pain from her body. Her brain was blank. Could it be? Did Spencer made Tyron...?

Crystal's shoulders trembled, and she stammered, " Is... Tyron dead?"

Dumbfounded, Toby immediately denied, "no... no, Ms. Crystal! Tyron eloped with Spencer's sister... "

With a look of shock on her face, Crystal said in a cold tone, "are you kidding me?"

Toby was speechless, "I'm not kidding, Ms. Crystal! It was a true. Not long ago, there were rumors everywhere in the Mu family. The third daughter, Sandra, often skip class and came to talk with her second brother every day. But not long after, she disappeared. Spencer's men had seen that she often met a little boy who was at the age of seventeen or eighteen and then..."

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