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   Chapter 183 You Are Mr. Edgar!

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Seeing such detailed information, Edgar was sure that Leo asked a private detective to do it. After reading the detailed information in the file, Edgar wore a smile, and concluded, "Jared, you are innocent! You could be put in an important position!

Then, Edgar sat elegantly at the table, crossing his legs, and wasn't in a hurry to fiddle with the phone in his hand. He glanced at the money on the table lazily.

"Not bad, Jared!" said Edgar

Suddenly, Jared shifted his eyes to look at Edgar. Trembling, he knelt down and stammered, "Uncle · Bob... I'm sorry! It... it was all my fault. I shouldn't be interested in money! I should pay my life for it! "I... I shouldn't have seen that! Uncle · Bob, trust me. I promise I won't focus on money anymore! "

Hearing that, Edgar didn't say a word. Jared was sweaty with fear. He continued to tremble. "Uncle · Bob, if... If you don't have anything...I'm leaving. If there's... If there's anything, just call me... Ha!"

Jared thought, "Damn it! I just want to have a look at the money on the table! Did he have to make it so scary? He was so frightened! When could he get out of here if he didn't leave now? Was he waiting to be beaten if he didn't leave now? Impossible.

Therefore, Jared quickly turned around and was ready to rush out, like a mouse which saw a cat.

At this moment, there was a cold voice saying, "stop!".

All of a sudden, Jared felt like he was on the verge of breaking down. 'can you not scare me like that?' he yelled in his mind! Damn it! When could it come to a fucking end!

However, although he cursed in his heart, he turned around and laughed, "Sir, what else do you want me to do?"

Edgar looked at him calmly with his deep eyes. One of his hands knocked on the table, once, twice, three times. This time was like the death warrant in Jared's heart, nervous and scared. All of this accompanied his thought.

At the moment, Jared really hoped that Edgar could give him a quick death! Well! Waiting for death was a real torture for him!

"Your name is Jared, right?" Edgar asked

Luo group! It was said that he was a man of means. Those who offended him would come to no good end!

Jared's hands were sweating! But he didn't forget to make amends!

After a while, Edgar stood up. He walked to Jared slowly and helped him stand up. "Manager Wang, work hard! You have a bright future! "

Jared was stunned. Oh my God! Unbelievable! 'thought he! Did he hear it wrong! Didn't Mr. Edgar fire him? But ask him to work hard! It can't be true! He thought Edgar's words means, 'How dare you to offend me? You're screwed!'!

"Mr. Edgar, I didn't know it was you! I would serve you well if I knew it was you! Mr. Edgar... I"

"Alright, shut up!" Edgar interrupted coldly! Now that you know my identity, I don't want a third person to know it. Got it? "

Jared's reaction was a little flustered. So Mr. Edgar didn't blame him? Did it mean that he could still keep his job? That means, he was still manager Wang, wasn't he?

After careful consideration, although Jared looked flattering, he was burning with passion deep in his heart. In fact, as the general manager of the marketing department, he was not an incredible person! But anyway, he made a lot of money! Otherwise, how could he dated with many girlfriends at the same time! No money, no girlfriend! That was it.

Jared quickly nodded and replied, "of course, Mr. Edgar. Please rest assured. I understand!"

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