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   Chapter 179 You Have A Thick Skin And Should Sleep On The Ground!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6742

Updated: 2020-02-18 00:08

Just as Edgar was about to sleep, Crystal said coldly with her eyes closed, "if you don't want your 'little brother' to stay with you, go on!"

Abruptly, Edgar stopped his movement. He gritted his teeth and said, "Crystal, you..."

What the hell. His woman had the flying knife in her hand which was against his "little brother". This was...

Crystal sat on the bed elegantly, with one hand playing the knife in front of Edgar.

She responded with a faint smile, "my dearest brother! Tell me, do you want to be a man forever? Or do you just want to take the chance to be a man now? "

At this moment, Edgar suddenly felt that it was the wrong choice to live with her, but then, he realized that his miserable life had just begun

Hearing that, Edgar put on his clothes again. With a satisfied smile on her face, Crystal said, "you're very smart, my elder brother!"

Then Crystal withdrew the knife and went to bed again

At this time, Edgar also lay down beside the bed. However, with a thump, the room suddenly became quiet.

Getting up from the ground with a darkened face, Edgar said angrily, "Crystal, are you insane?"

She said indifferently, "my dear brother, this bed is too small to accommodate you. Please make a bed on the floor!"

Edgar gritted his teeth and said, "Crystal, you're so cruel. What do I have to make a bed on the floor?"

He, Edgar Luo, was going to sleep on the ground! Shit! Fine! It was OK! But she should at least give him a quilt!

At the moment, Edgar felt that he was so pathetic. He was eager to stay with Crystal alone. Now that his dream had been realized. He should be happy! However, he was kicked out of the bed by his beloved woman. This was not a big deal! What matters most was that she didn't even give him a quilt! Did she want him to sleep without any cover?

She lay on the bed leisurely, holding a knife in her hand. She said indifferently, "my good brother, I remember you like it, don't you? Right! As your sister, of course I should satisfy

ow that his boss had said that, it meant the next thing was very important.

Edgar said, "First, announce to the public that I died in an accident! Second, Edward isn't my man! Third, cut off all the field that Edward had been in charge of. Besides, I'll send you my current address in two minutes. Send me some office supplies, and two phones. "

Shocked and shocked, Leo widened his eyes and slap himself on the face, "Boss, did I hear it wrong! You... want me to announce to the public that you... are dead! 'what"

Edgar said, "Yes! You are not only going to announce the news of my death but also send several people to inform the second son of the Mu family - Spencer in secret that Crystal has fallen into the cliff! "

Only then did Leo realize what their boss said seemed like a trap! So he asked respectfully, "boss, what should we do in the company?"

"Keep it to yourself too. Don't let anyone know it, except you and Kent. Besides, cut connection with the business in the US first. You will take charge of everything. You go back to America immediately."

Leo replied, "yes! Master! I get it! "

Leo knew that the incident was very important. He though through the whole thing again in his mind.

Edgar took a glance at Crystal, who had slept sound on the bed. Then he continued, "Leo, you send the package to Jared."

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