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   Chapter 178 We Live Together!

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Jared pointed at his room and asked, "Uncle · Bob, can you live here?"

After saying that, he said to Crystal, "as for the girl's room, it is..."

Before Jared could finish his words, Edgar interrupted him.

"No, she lives with me!"

'what's wrong with my ears? Or is there something wrong with Bob's words? 'they live together? Brother and sister?

Crystal stared at Edgar coldly and thought, 'what's wrong with you! Who wants to live with you!

However, Edgar was not in the mood to reply at all. He kept his cold face and answered firmly, "yes, I will share a room with my good sister!"

Edgar had a heavy nasal voice, especially when he said the words "good sister"

Jared was confused, "Well..." How could he understand?

Edgar put his hand on Crystal's shoulder and said with a faint smile, "well, you don't know that my sister is a sleepwalking girl. Do you know what she usually do when she walked around in the evening?"

Jared shook his head.

Crystal looked at him in a cold manner. She wanted to see what on earth Edgar was going to do?

Pretending to be sad, Edgar sighed and said, "Alas! Speaking of which, I'm really sad. When my sister falls ill, she usually likes to bite people. I remember that when she was at home, she once bit a dog and the other day a cat. She also likes to drink their blood. In order to prevent her from biting herself, I usually prepared some animals for her to cultivate them and wash them clean... "

Before Edgar could finish his words, Jared had already been frightened to tremble. Were they telling a ghost story?

Glancing at Jared, Edgar said, "by the way, I remember that my maid was nearly bitten to death! "

Jared was sweating all over. He couldn't help but shiver! It couldn't be true! This beauty really... has such a hobby?

For Edgar's nonsense, Crystal had always been calm. She neither stopped nor admitted it, because she did not care! Well, it didn't matter. She was not a fool. How could she not

at a shame!

Although Jared was complaining in his mind, he didn't dare to say anything!

At this moment, he felt that he was wrong to go home this time! How miserable! Alas.

Edgar didn't even look at Jared and said coldly, "all right! You can get out now. We will look for you if we need any help! And, your phone was taken by me. Get out! "

Jared's eyes were round and his mouth was open! Did he mean he wouldn't give it back?

He just could not speak!

At this moment, this was how Jared felt!

After Jared left, Edgar looked around. Where was Crystal?

When his eyes fell on the woman on the bed. His mouth twitched! Were you kidding me! He thought that Crystal was standing beside him, enjoying his tall image! It turned out that he was being self sentimental. She didn't care about him at all and fell asleep in bed.

So he had been talking with an idiot for a long time, but Crystal didn't notice his tall image at all.

At this moment, Edgar felt like a fool! He was just an idiot!

But when he looked at the heartless woman in bed and her charming sleeping figure, he was totally turned on!

Swoosh! All of a sudden, he came back to himself, feeling aggrieved.

Then he adjusted his breath and walked to the bed step by step.

Then, he threw his coat aside and was about to sleep.

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