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   Chapter 177 Sleepwalking!

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As Jared pushed Aunt Adela out, he said, "Okay, my good mom. You go to clean up other rooms. I will have a good chat with these two friends."

After the old lady went away, Jared, Edgar and Crystal began to chat again. Jared asked what Crystal and Edgar were doing. Before Crystal could answer his question, Edgar claimed that they were doing herbal medicine business. When they was picking herbs in the mountain, they fell off the cliff by accident.

Crystal agreed with Edgar's introduction because she thought it was better to keep their identity as a secret.

But Jared had no doubt about their identity, because he knew there were plenty of herbs in the mountain. It was not surprising for them to go there to collect herbs!

However, when Jared suddenly recalled something, his eyes were wide open and he looked at Crystal and then at Edgar. He was about to speak but hesitated, Edgar had a feeling that something was wrong.

After Jared calmed himself down, he asked in shock, "did you really fall from the mountain?"

When Crystal saw the expression on Jared's face, she knew that he meant something else.

So Crystal asked coldly, "Mr. Jared, are you doubting our identity?"

"I just think it's a miracle that you could survive in that woods," Jared said, shaking his head

Frowning, Edgar asked, "what on earth do you want to say?"

Jared seemed to see something horrible. He looked at Crystal and Edgar with frightened eyes. Then he said, "you don't know that mountain is called the God of death, All of those who walked in were dead. There were real wolves. Someone said that the wolves ate up the person who went in, and someone said that the person who walked in offended the God of the mountain and the God took their lives because he was angry. I am not sure if it is true or not. Some said they had seen wolves, and some also said it was beautiful there! As for what exactly it was, no one could explain! So that Woods

's wrong? unwilling? We are not welcomed? "

Wade trembled, "no... no, I'm willing, willing, at any time!"

Hearing that, Edgar sneered, "that's good! Then how many days were proper for us to stay? "

"It's up to you," Jared replied immediately

At this time, Crystal smiled and said, "thank you for your help, Mr. Jared. In fact, we are not living in vain here. We'll pay Auntie at the price of a hotel suite. What do you think, Mr. Jared?"

At the thought of the money, Jared was very happy and said with a flattering smile, "Hey! Actually, you can feel at home. One hundred dollars a day is enough! "

Well! It was the best to give him money! He was not their family, why didn't he mention the money! Besides, he couldn't chase after the girl! He should at least make some benefits! He was not a kind person who helped them out of kindness without getting any reward. Only idiots did that!

Edgar said, "Well, then, take us to our room since my sister is tired"

"Good! "Please follow me!

Jared laughed and led them to a room he used to live in. When he opened the door, the housekeeper had already packed up the room and the decorations were also very simple. There was only a poster of the star on the wall! There was one single bed, a small sofa, a desk and a chair. It's simple.

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