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   Chapter 176 Beauty, Let's Have A Chat

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Aunt Adela giggled, "Son, you haven't eaten yet, right! You can have a chat with them. I'll take some food for you! "

Jared smiled and nodded, "Got it, mom! Go ahead! "

Then Aunt Adela turned to Crystal and said, "girl, you can talk with each other. You know, you young people must have something in common to talk about."

"Okay!" Crystal replied with a smile

Crystal thought, 'Jared is the son of the old man and his wife. They are kind and simple. Their son would also be a good man.'! But when he thought of Edward, Crystal decided to be more cautious.

At this moment, after looking Jared up and down, Edgar got a conclusion that he was not simple.

Ordinary people would be shocked at the first sight of them and then be alert since there were strangers in the house.

The first time he saw them, he was curious, shocked, and then friendly.

One could adapt to their existence so fast and be nice to them without any doubts. Was he simple-minded? Or maybe he pretended to be friendly. The former was nothing to Edgar.

But if the latter was the case, Edgar would have to think more. Things were too complicated now. So he didn't want to make the situation worse.

After a while, there were only three of them in the room. They felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say. Edgar and Crystal were waiting for Jared to say something.

As expected, Jared said politely, "you sit here. I'll make you a cup of tea. "

Then Jared walked to the table and took out a new set of tea set, which was new and luxurious, totally different from the furnishings in the room.

A light flash across Edgar's deep eyes. As expected, this person was the latter. The person who liked to make tea was not simple.

Jared's action was very elegant and skilled. He washed the cup with warm water and poured the tea leaves into the pot. The tea leaves was shaped like a woman in this delicate cheongsam. They were

e bowl of noodles on the table and pushed it in front of Jared, "come on, my son, try the noodles!"

"Of course!" Jared laughed and answered

Aunt Adela was very happy to be praised, especially by her son. She was so proud, and so happy. For people like her, the simpler the life was, the happier they would be.

With these thoughts in her mind, Crystal raised her head to look at Aunt Adela and said with a smile, "Aunt Adela, your son is really a good boy. He's very humorous, clever, and most importantly he was kind!"

Aunt Adela was happy because of Crystal's words. She smiled happily. Everyone would like people to praise their son! It was also a praise to her, wasn't it! If her son was good, she would be good. Right!

The woman giggled! "Thank you. But no matter how good he is, he hasn't got a wife yet. Alas! I'm so worried about him! You know what? Many of my friends have been grandmothers. I really admire them! "

Speaking of her son's marriage, she was melancholy. His son was excellent except that he didn't want to get married! She and her husband were worried about him.

"Mom, can you just stop blaming me like that? Don't worry. I will get you a daughter-in-law soon."

The woman was amused by his words. "Okay, okay. I'll wait! Keep your promise! "

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