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   Chapter 175 Was That The Fucking Noodle

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Aunt Adela giggled, "that's good. Please enjoy your meal!"

Crystal was embarrassed, 'is she going to watch me finish the noodles?'? That would be too enthusiastic!

Crystal smiled and said, "Aunt Adela, I'm not hungry now. Why don't you eat first?"

Upon hearing that, Aunt Adela almost jumped up and asked, "young lady, do you really not like the dinner cooked by me?"

Crystal shook her head and said, "no, no! The noodles you cook are really delicious! "

The woman felt assured and smiled, "Right. How could you not like it! I'm a famous cook! Then why don't you eat? "

At the moment, Edgar realized that it must be hard for Crystal to refuse. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Sis, come on, let's have some noodles together!"

Giving Edgar a stern look, Crystal cursed in her mind, 'fuck! You want to ruin me?

Seeing the intact bowl and chopsticks, Aunt Adela was upset, "it seems that you really don't like eating these. It's my fault. I didn't take good care of you."

Crystal said immediately, "How could it be! Auntie, the noodles you cook are fantastic. How can we not like them! We are going to eat now. "

Aunt Adela nodded and said, "Okay, as long as you don't mind."

At this moment, Edgar was so angry that he cursed, "shit!"! Can't you see my disgusted face? Old lady, are you okay with your eyes!

So, Edgar and Crystal began to eat the noodles.

Edgar picked up the noodle, closed his eyes, and put it into his mouth! It tasted awful!

Meanwhile, faced with the noodles, Crystal felt that the noodles in her bowl became more and more. Holy shit, when could she eat up?

Crystal picked up the noodles, one by one, as if she was going to fight in a battle field. .

Edgar raised the corners of his mouth and said, "my little sister, what's wrong with you? These are not enough for you to eat. Come on. I'm fond of you. Please take my share! Then he put his noodles into Crystal's bowl. "

Crystal suddenly felt a stomachache! There were so many of them! When

ll his name.

Crystal was speechless! Edgar was really... interesting!

"Then who is the lady behind you?" Jared asked with a polite smile

At this moment, Crystal put on a smile and walked to the other side. She gave a glance at Jared and was about to speak when Edgar spoke again.

"She is Aunt Mary!"

The man bit his tongue: these names were.... shit!

In fact, the man knew that Edgar was unwilling to tell their names, so he understood!

The man politely reached out his hand and greeted, "nice to meet you, Aunt Mary. My name is Jared."

Crystal's shoulders trembled and she almost burst out laughing but she tried her best to hold it back!

Just when Crystal was about to shake hands with Jared, Edgar took out his hand first.

Reaching out his hands, Edgar said coldly, "you're welcome."

Of course, Edgar didn't shake hands with Jared. He avoided smartly. 'damn it! You fucking want to hold his woman's hand? No way! "

Yes, it was a great opportunity for Jared to get acquainted with Crystal. Who on earth didn't love beautiful girls? She was so beautiful that he was totally attracted by her.

As for him, He was also a frequent visitor to places at romantic club. He had seen a lot of beautiful women, but he had never seen a woman who was both elegant and unadorned. How could he not be attracted?

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