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   Chapter 166 They Were Finally Out!

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This group of wolves might be the last group, because Edgar and others saw a white wolf taking the lead of the group of wolves. They guessed that this might be the wolf king. They were obviously exhausted.

Some of them sat on the ground, some on the left, the others on the right, embarrassed and irritable. Only Crystal and Edgar were indifferent. Crystal's arm which held the flying knife gradually become numb. Despite this, she did not fall down, nor did she hide behind Edgar like a little woman. On the contrary, she calmly picked up a dead wolf from the ground. She drank the blood and ate the flesh. The she tore off the skin and put it in her body.

However, the crowd didn't feel a little bit bloody and disgusting at all. On the contrary, her movements were elegant, enchanting, coquettish, beautiful! She was just like eating delicious food and drinking wine.

Everyone followed her. The cold wolf flesh was difficult to swallow, but when they saw how Crystal did, they felt that this kind of way of eating wolf flesh was not so difficult to swallow. The wolf blood also tasted delicious.

As a result, they got more and more energetic.

At the same time, Edgar's eyes grew deeper and deeper. He always thought that it was because Crystal didn't love him enough that she didn't want to listen to his explanation and didn't want to go back. But at this moment, his thought had changed. If she could survive in such a rare environment, it was not because she didn't love him enough, but because she had become numb and cold-blooded.

All of a sudden, Edgar wasn't in the mood to know what had happened to Crystal in the past three years! Because he didn't need to know, because he had understood. At the moment, the only thought in his mind was to bring his woman back. If he couldn't, he would go crazy with her and turn the world into black!

Thinking of this, he closed his eyes slightly. When he opened his eyes again, he cast a cold glance at the group of wild wolves who

Edward right now. Anyway, I don't care about the law. We can take the time. I'm not in a hurry."

Edward was furious, 'Holy shit! Am I invisible? It's unbelievable that a person even dares to discuss whether she would kill him or not in front of him. Why do I felt like a pork in that case!'

Hearing that, Edgar closed his mouth and didn't say a word. Sometimes he really felt that he would never have an upper hand in front of Crystal. He would always be mocked, which was nothing to him. More importantly, He has no way to defeat Crystal! He was annoyed! When on earth could he get his woman back? He suddenly thought of a way to get his woman back. That was shameless and shameless.

Well! He could just be an evil man! That was what Edgar had gained after working together for the past few days. In the past, he missed her. Now, he would never let himself regret, missing the moment of honesty.

At the thought of this, Edgar moved forward and said in a trembling voice, "Crystal, don't kill Edward. Come on. Kill me. I promise I won't move! You'd better take your flying knife and hang me on your body! That way you could solve your problem, I was killed and Spencer would also be happy. I am very happy to be with you. I am more than happy to go to anywhere, to do anything, to have dinner, or to sleep with you! "

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