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   Chapter 165 Be My Girlfriend!

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Then Crystal took a glance at the wound on her arm and continued, "remember, there are only two ways for these wolves to survive in this remote mountain. One is that the poisonous mist here is useless to them. Another is that they have already adapted to the environment here, which means that they also have a poison. As the saying goes, to combat poison with another poison, if you drink the blood of these wolves, then nothing in this remote mountain can poison you. "

The crowd shushed. They all exclaimed with excitement! It's a good idea to combat poison with another poison. But just as they were excited to pick up the wolf corpse on the ground, Crystal said coldly, "but I'm not sure whether this method feasible or not. If you are really poisoned to death, it's none of my business!"

What? The men who squatted down had just drunk a mouthful of wolf blood spit out the blood in their mouth. Holy shit! It meant she said something useless. They were still going to die! Everyone's mouth twitched. Should they drink? Or drink? Everyone looked at each other for a moment. Fine! They would drink first. The worst result was death, which they would experience sooner or later. They chose to do this not because they didn't treasure their life, but because they had confidence in Crystal!

Again, they squatted down and drank the blood in one gulp.

At the same time, Edgar looked vigilantly at the wolves surrounding several meters away. He knew that these wolves were waiting for the opportunity, which was good for them. They were waiting for the night, and perhaps their companions.

Edgar didn't pay much attention to this fierce battle at all. He had seen even more dangerous scene. In the past, there were only four of them, but now he had a dozen men! Although the remaining men in black may not be his accomplices, they all took their lives seriously in the face of such a cruel scene! If they could survive together, why did they choose to die!

At the moment, Edgar was wor

and more wolves. Don't ask me why not run away. Wolves are more familiar with this kind of environment than us. If we run away, before we get far, we would be eaten by the wolves

You guys think it over. "

Edgar said coldly, "Crystal is right. As long as we kill these wolves, we can save ourselves!"

In the battle of several consecutive days, Edgar had only eight bullets left. He hadn't slept for four days and four nights. He was so exhausted that his lips were dry and his eyes were deep. He had been exhausted. By contrast, these wolves were all in high spirits and full of energy. From the very beginning of this battle, the wolf pack was destined to win, because they were not afraid of death, because their firm belief was strong enough to destroy people's will.

Human beings were just nobody in this boundless deep forest.

In this way, they were locked in a stalemate. Edgar and others couldn't remember how many days they had been trapped, and the wolf king had appeared in front of them now. Edgar wanted to kill it, but he failed. The range of the bullets was not enough and he was exhausted, which had greatly reduced his shooting accuracy. Therefore, Edgar and his companions decided to be waiting on the quiet brake before the wolves launched an attack. He held this idea for only less than two hours.

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