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   Chapter 164 Wolves!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6533

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Perhaps Edgar himself knew that it would be very difficult for him and Crystal to return to the past!

Their relationship was not so bad. It was just that they loved in different ways.

At that time, after taking a rest, Crystal wore a gloves and squatted on the ground to observe the terrain. The ground here was soft and moist. There should be a river nearby, or there would be a mountain villa or a village near it. Crystal stood up and felt relieved. She finally managed a way out.

It was nearly dusk, which meant they had rested for a whole day in the deep forest. The reason why they chose to move forward at night was that Crystal felt that the haze was not too thick at night, and in addition, it was dry and quiet at night, so they could easily think about things.

The reason why she was in such a hurry to go out was that she really wanted to hurry back to meet Spencer, because Tyron was still in his control. She was really afraid of what he would do to Tyron. Tyron was her only relative now, and she couldn't let anything happen to him. Thinking of this, she thought, she had to leave now

A flicker of impatience crossed her eyes. Damn it!

Edgar had clearly felt the change in her mind. At the same time, he felt quite depressed. He wondered when his girl would confide in him! Even if it's just a talk, it will be good!

At this moment, Edgar looked up at Crystal, a glimmer of pity flashing in his mind. Obviously, he felt the feeling of loneliness and helplessness from Crystal. He really wanted to go forward and hold her tightly in his arms, telling her that he was still there for her, but he knew that

Crystal could not give him such a chance. She was strong and she had been forcing herself to be strong.

Suddenly, there was a roar coming around. They were astonished, but soon they were scared. What they heard was the sound of wolves!

Even Edgar strode forward without hesitation and stood in front of her to

became more and more pungent, which made the dark forest even weirder.

The sun rose slowly, and the gunshots and howls of wolves gradually disappeared. Humans and wolves, who had fought for a whole night, finally came to an end. Edgar was shocked by what he saw. The wolves were lying all over the ground. About forty to fifty of them. What was more horrible was that there were hundreds of wolves in the outermost part of the mountain, squatting down beside the woods.

In the daytime, the wolves were not in a hurry to attack. Instead, they lurked near the mountain forest not far away. Sometimes, wolves ran to tear the dead wolf's body into pieces. Seeing all this, Edgar only looked at them in the distance instead of shooting. He hoped that these wolves could leave by themselves. He didn't want to waste the remaining bullets on these wolves.

In fact, he seemed to be wrong. The wolves were very persistent. They wouldn't leave unless they got food.

At the same time, Crystal, who was standing beside him, did not speak. She was saving her strength, because in her opinion, they would not have chance to get out if not kill all the wolves in the forest.

Otherwise, they would be likely to be eaten by a wolf before you got out of the deep forest! No way! They had to kill them all "

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