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   Chapter 163 Get Out Of Here!

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After a while, Edgar and several men in black took some tree roots. The roots was not like the root of a real tree, but a large part of celery, green and sweet, which could not only make people not hungry but also not so thirsty.

And Crystal's image suddenly became strong in all the people's eye! They didn't expect Crystal to know so much! They adored her. However, the following thing made them want to directly worship her rather than adore her!

After a while of rest, Crystal found some herbs from nowhere, and then glanced at them coldly. "If you don't want to be poisoned to death, you can apply these herbs on your own wounds. "

Someone wanted to ask what kind of herb it was. Without waiting for these people to speak, Crystal directly glanced at them and said coldly, "don't ask me what the herb is. I'm not bother to answer. It's none of my business whether you apply it or not. By the way, I remind you again kindly that all the plants here should be poisonous. If you like to stretch your paws to pick flowers or other herbs, go ahead. I won't look for these herbs for you! "

She threw out the words coldly and turned around, ignoring them. At the same time, there was really someone who wanted to pick some flowers. He immediately took back his hand. Cold sweat began to break out on his forehead. He muttered to himself, 'oh my God! Fortunately, I reacted fast enough. Otherwise, I would have been very sad.'.

At this moment, Edgar, who worked hard to find food for them, was completely transparent. Although he felt bitter in his heart, he was in a good mood. Looking at the tree root in his hand, he felt that it was really nothing, as long as his woman was happy!

As for them, when they were glanced coldly, the men in black all shivered and immediately lowered their heads, hoping that they were transparent.

those men have the chance.

Then, Edgar said something. The rest of the group almost burst into laughter when they heard this.

"Well, Crystal, I, emmm... I felt a little hot just now. Well, now, I I suddenly feel a little cold. 'hehe, come here!'! We won't do anything now or we may catch a cold easily! "

Edgar swore that it was the most aggrieved words he had ever said. What the hell was it? 'Shit! Set a trap for myself.'

Hearing that, everybody lowered their heads and pursed their mouths, chuckling in secret. They thought, 'Edgar, stop pretending to be the master of love. See? How you suffered!'.

By the way, in their eyes, Crystal was really awesome. They couldn't believe that the CEO of Luo group, who was a genius in business, could be so obedient

How could they not admire her! Even Edward really wanted to give a thumbs up to Crystal. "Crystal, you're awesome!" he said to himself!

However, he gradually calmed down while seeing the coldness in Crystal's eyes. He suddenly had a feeling that Crystal was revenging on Edgar. He didn't know whether his thought was right.

There was a saying that "the devil among the sheep is always the witness". He always felt that something was different.

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