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   Chapter 162 He Was Beaten Up! Interesting!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 7068

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Crystal walked with them for a long time. Then she took out her cell phone from her pocket and looked at the time. She frowned and thought, 'they have been wandering in the forest for a day and a night. There is nothing they can do. It seems that they have to find some food first so that they can have the strength to walk.'.

At the same time, Edgar thought the same. As a man, it was okay for him not to eat or drink all day. But when he raised his head to look at Crystal who was covered by tiredness, he frowned tightly and a tinge of pity flashed across his eyes.

Hence, he quickened his pace and caught up with her, "Have a rest. I'll go and find some food for you." You need to replenish your strength. I'll take your place next. "

Surprisingly, Crystal was cooperative. She looked at Edgar and said calmly, "well, then, Mr. Edgar, please go out and find some food for us! "

Hearing that, Edgar raised his eyebrows. He wanted to say something. But he didn't know what to say? He was about to show his strength for his woman! But who told him that he was not looking for food for his woman? But all of them? Holy shit, were you kidding me? They were all so hungry. It was none of his business? He only cared about his woman! Why should he serve these idiots!

Edgar's face darkened. Why did he always look terrible in front of Crystal.

Crystal asked coldly, "so you are not willing to do that? If not, then forget it! I can do it myself! "

"How come? I'd love to." Edgar responded, gritting his teeth! Have a good rest here and I'll go for a walk. "

With a charming smile, Crystal said, "okay! Mr. Edgar, please find as much food as possible. I will eat with them. If they cannot eat enough food, I will give my share to them. I am very sympathetic. "

Her meaning was very clear, and she almost said, "you should find more. The more, the better! If not, I won't eat!"

Hearing that, Edgar gritted his teeth again. "Okay! It's not a big deal. As long as you are here, I will get them! "

'Look, how great I am. In order to love my woman, I can be a follower. Well! It's OK to be your f

t you gone yet! I didn't expect you, a real man, to break your promise. You'd better admit that you're crooked. Then everyone will be less troubled. In this way, I can help you find food. I promise that what I've found won't kill you! "

If there were an elephant now, Edgar would have the ability to step on it! Damn it! His woman was tricking him from the very beginning! It hurt! He had never known that Crystal could be so ridiculous! Ha! He almost burst into laughter.

"All right. Have a good rest here. Let me pick some tree roots for you. You'll be well fed."

Without opening her eyes, Crystal said in an indifferent tone, "thank you! Please hurry up, Mr. Edgar. I'm really hungry! "

At this moment, Edgar really wanted to take out a basin, shit! He really wanted to spit out a basin of blood!

However, Edgar turned around obediently and went to the place where he had just picked the wild fruit. He didn't want to starve Crystal!

Gradually, he felt that he would never win when facing Crystal!

Instead, she always took it for granted. At this moment, Crystal suddenly found that it was not a bad thing to anger Edgar on such a boring road. She immediately felt happy to see how angry he was.

At the same time, she often told herself that she could not fall in love with anyone at present. Some of her feelings were obviously in the past. Her world was always alone. She was good!

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