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   Chapter 161 Who Is It

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However, what Edgar was thinking was that the moment the man in black fell down, he was in a daze. From his expression, he was sure that these men were not Spencer's men.

Then who was it? Someone was manipulating all this?

Edgar frowned more and more. He felt that something was just like a mist that could not be seen. But one thing he was sure about was that the person behind the scenes knew all of them very well: Crystal's past, the hatred of MIA, the ambition of Spencer, and his past. All of these were very clear to the person. Who on earth was he?

At this time, other men in black saw that their leader was dead. They immediately panicked, and a trace of timidity appeared on their faces.

At the same time, Edgar took a glance at the men in black and said coldly, "now that your boss is dead, do you want us to perish together or do you want to go with me and I'll save your lives? I never do a losing business. You'd better think it over before answering. "

After saying that, Edgar turned his back on them, casually leaned against a tree and lit a cigarette, as if they were not engaged in a gunfight but a negotiation.

With the cigarette butts fluttering in the air, he said coldly, "you have to think it through. If you fight, I won't give you any chance to live. On the contrary, if you put down your guns and don't need to waste your time here, maybe you'll be alive the next moment. By the way, I forgot to tell you that you already have many red spots on your arm. You are on the verge of dying. Even if I'm going to save you, it's all in vain! "

He turned around and said to Crystal, "well, let's go! Leave them alone. Their lives are none of our business! "

Crystal nodded and put away her flying knife. Her heart twitched. She never found that Edgar was so glib. In just two minutes, he became the Savior of these black clothed people! It seemed that she really knew little about him before.

Or was Edgar a changeable person?

Everyone was grieved! It's... it's ridiculous! How could he give such a ridiculous excuse!

However, Edgar was capable. He turned around and threw a cold glance at them. "Well, don't you agree with what I said?"

It was just a question, but judging from his tone and expression, it meant that he just wanted to spoil his woman and did you dare not to nod in agreement? If you disagreed, kill you with eyes!

Sure enough, all the people trembled and said together, "yes, Mr. Edgar is right. It's great for us to take a walk here!"

No more nonsense! How could they not obey Edgar! Now they had no weapons at hand, and they were fucking poisoned, and lost. If they hadn't been able to go out with Edgar, they would have been killed here.

Then Crystal said, "well, since you all like to take a walk so much, I'm sorry that I can't accompany you."

Then Crystal turned around and went away! She thought, 'A group of idiots!'

All the people were all dumbfounded and looked at Edgar. Was this a follow-up? Or not?

With a darkened face, Edgar shouted coldly, "what are you waiting for! Hurry up! Follow her! "

Then he turned around and followed Crystal.

With a big smile on his face, Edward trotted to keep up with them.

Others exchanged glances with each other and then quickly followed up.

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