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   Chapter 160 The Trap!

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This time Crystal didn't refuse. She took over the pair of white gloves and put them on her hands with disgust. If she could get rid of the poison, she definitely wouldn't touch it. She was not a masochist. She just frowned slightly, not thinking how white her gloves were! She was totally confused. Why did Edgar prepare so well! Did he expect this to happen! Or did he prepare to kill!

If Edgar knew Crystal thought in this way, he would like to spit out blood. He was not intended to kill and he was unable to predict as well. He was just a neat freak. But, would she believe that?

Alright. Edgar didn't bother to think more about it. With such a question in mind, he continued to follow Crystal and stayed alert all the time.

Squinting her eyes as soon as she caught the sight of a thing on the ground, Crystal then opened her eyes again. She quickly squatted down and leaned forward and said, "big stones, the grass in the south of the tree trunk was growing exuberant, and the grass on the south of the autumn withered quickly. On the north edge of the forest here, the grass was covered with lush vegetation, and the leaves on the positive side of the individual plants were very thick, while the northernmost dry tree was covered with moss. Normally, independent trees are usually lush and smooth on the south side of the tree; leaves on the north side are haggard and rough. The south side of the tree is usually lush, and the north side of the tree is moist and covered with moss. In consideration of that, we are heading south. So if we keep going forward like this, we should be getting closer to City A. "

At this time, Edward clapped his hands and said, "Crystal, you really impress me today! Holy shit, you know so much! I really admire you! "Unbelievable!"

Without sparing a glance at Edward, Crystal passed him and said coldly to Edgar, "if you agree with what I said, then we will move on, no matter what the future is and How dangerous it is! You can continue to follow me or stay here to wait for your rescue. But if I finally get

ir master.

The man in black sneered. "It's said that the president of the Luo group, Mr. Edgar, is a tough guy. But it seems that he's just so so today! Just a coward! It seemed that the rumors couldn't be taken seriously! "

Hearing that, Edgar smiled all of a sudden. "Yeah! Right, rumors couldn't be taken seriously. It is said that your master is Mr. Spencer, the CEO of the Mu's group, a playboy. He is also a wolf in sheep's clothing! Huh, an immoral person! "

The head man froze for a moment. He wanted to say something, but before he opened his mouth, a flying knife pierced through the middle of his brow, blood splashing. He opened his mouth, with a pair of big eyes widely open, and slowly fell down. He did not understand why a flying knife could be faster than a gun! He hadn't shot yet!

Crystal knew that Edgar had already known the answer of some things. That was why he gave her an expression with his eyes, indicating that she should make a move.

She and Edgar were so cooperated with each other at times of danger. This feeling was terrible for Crystal! If

there was not so much entanglement between them, she would not reject the feeling, but after going through something, she could not treat it as nothing had happened. Just now, she still refused the invisible tacit understanding with Edgar.

She just wanted to be a stranger to him.,

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