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   Chapter 159 Ivy Is Dead!

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Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

The day broke and the fog spread. Crystal was still squatting on the ground and looking for something. Although Edgar didn't know what she was going to do, he still stood in front of her to protect her. But he knew that she wouldn't act recklessly

On the contrary, with an impatient look on his face, Edward following behind, grinned and said, "Crystal, what are you looking for? The sun is going to rise. Those people are coming. Should we leave here or wait for them to destroy us? "

Hearing that, Edgar turned his head with his cold eyes. Receiving no response from Edgar, Edward was about to open his mouth. However, he immediately shut up. Before he could rebuke, Crystal said in a cold tone without even raising her head, "shut up your mouth if you don't want to die here. This is not an ordinary area. If you are not a fool, you will find that those things are not accidentally under your feet!"

Those thing? Edward was immediately stunned and looked down to the ground. What did he see? Fuck! How could it be... dead snakes? At the moment, he was so scared that he almost fainted. All of a sudden, Edward moved forward to catch up with Edgar. Ignoring the change of Edgar's facial expression, he fixed his feet tightly on his body. Edward put his arms around Edgar's neck.

"Edgar... Snake! Help me, please. I'm so scared"

Edgar also noticed some abnormalities on the ground. Reminded by Crystal, he was wondering why there were so many dead snakes on the ground? At the same time, he wondered where this place was?

However, all of a sudden, a person was hung on Edgar. He thought it was because Crystal was frightened and held her in his arms subconsciously. He was about to be happy!

However, when he recognized it was Edward, he cursed him inwardly

"Get off me!" Edgar gritted his teeth and w

ask and made a gesture of shut up, as if saying: boss, I'm wrong! Please don't leave me alone!

Edgar went back to her side and took out a pair of gloves in his pocket. Then he said:" Don't touch anything here, including those vegetation. I will do it if you try to look for something.

It was an posture of male chauvinism, almost saying that you were my girl! I will protect you!

However, Crystal didn't appreciate it. She said coldly, "it doesn't matter. I know some common sense. I know what I'm doing. I won't die."

Edgar gritted his teeth. "Can't you fucking listen to me just once? Can you stop pretending to be strong? You have a man who can protect you"

Before he could finish his words, Crystal coldly said, "I have nothing to do with you. We are just strangers. Ivy was dead, now I am Crystal!"

Hearing that, Edgar became speechless. Crystal was so stubborn that Edgar wanted to slap her! "I'm just a fucking fool!

However, when he saw Crystal bent over and reached out to touch the blue flower with her bare hands, Edgar's face darkened and sighed, "all right! He was a fool, but damn it! He was willing to!

He took off his white gloves and gave them to Crystal! Take it! Go on! "

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