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   Chapter 158 I'll Take You Out!

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With a hint of coldness in his eyes, Edgar said calmly, "it doesn't matter. We can go out! But if we go out, we will definitely meet them. So we can just rest for a while before we figure out a way to go out. "

Sitting next to them, Crystal did not say anything. She knew that what Edgar had said was true!

While at this time, they were not familiar with the circumstance here

Crystal nodded and said, "Now we can have a rest. I'll take you out later! We will not get lost! "

Crystal said in a calm tone as if she was just making a statement. But she spoke in an extremely calm and confident tone! If she were in the army, her words would cheer everybody up while her confidence always came from her.

But for Edgar, he was surprised and shocked to hear that Crystal could say something like that! He didn't expect that she could be so calm when facing such a trouble.

As a result, when Edgar looked at Crystal again, his heart was painful! If she hadn't experienced it, how could she be so accustomed to it! How could she respond in such a short time if she was not used to it!

Then Edgar sat down beside her and said in a soft voice, "Crystal, you can take a nap now! I'll wake you up later!

She raised her head coldly and said, "okay!" She knew that the most important thing for her now was to have a good rest. She never went against her own body and she knew that she would need more energy later. Now in the desolate mountain, there was no vehicle and she could only walk on foot. She just wanted to save some energy for herself.

They didn't talk much. She was quite familiar with this place. She didn't hate Edgar, nor did she feel anything about him. They were just temporary partners.

Crystal closed her e

, he bent over to pick up his shirt and put it on. It was a bit cold!

Then he came back and closed his eyes for rest.

A moment later, Crystal stood up from the ground, followed by Edgar and Edward.

Crystal looked at them and said coldly, "Give me both your phones."

Then, both of them took out their phones and gave them to Crystal. Still wondering why she did so? What was she doing?

However, Edgar looked calm. Apparently, he had guessed what Crystal was going to do.

"There's no signal here. The only way to get out of here is to use the flashlight to illuminate the area we head," Crystal answered

Edward didn't quite understand what she meant. When he moved forward, he was glimpsed by Edgar, who was not far away. Edward's body was stiffened and he trembled, thinking, 'shit! Why can't I ask her? He was so eager to know, and he still looked very curious.

Then she held their phones on hands. She turned on the flashlight. Then she crouched down, as if she was looking for something! Then she moved forward step by step and abruptly pushed it on the ground. Suddenly, she felt a bit frustrated. It was what she was looking for!

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