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   Chapter 157 Who

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Edgar and Crystal were such a good match when it came to how stubborn they were! Damn!

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion not far away. Then twenty men in black suits, including a normal black cap, and a black mask, emerged from nowhere. They each held a pistol and the sound of gun shooting came up from afar.

The man in the front was tall and strong. It was hard to see his face clearly, but one could tell from his voice that he was not a local. He said to them fiercely, "Today is your last day!"

Edgar was the first to react. He saw that subconsciously, he quickly crossed Crystal and protected her behind his back. Then Edward quickly took out his pistol and got ready. Standing behind them, Crystal stared at those men not far away and was angry. "Son of a bitch!" she snapped

If a moment ago she was still thinking about killing Edgar, now she just wanted to kill the damn Spencer. She was totally clear about the boss who sent those men here. She thought to herself, 'Damn it! It was that damn Spencer who wanted to kill me, just to wipe out his plot.

Thinking of this, Crystal took out her daggers from her waist, and looked coldly at the man in the lead! ! "Who is your boss? Is it the bastard Spencer? " At this moment, she was still trying to figure out if it was Spencer who sent those killers here. It was not because she felt sorry for him, but because she was still worried about Tyron. In fact, she couldn't figure out why he still wanted to kill her when he was completely in the control of Tyron!

At the same time, Edgar was also thinking in his mind. If these people were really sent by Spencer, it would only mean two points. First, Spencer couldn't wait any longer. He was afraid that Spencer went back to the Mu's group to seize power. Otherwise, th

orest in the suburban area. The trees in the forest were very thick and layer after layer, like a maze. After running for a while, they finally stopped after getting rid of those enemies.

Glancing around, Edgar said, "All right. Let's have a rest here! They can't catch up with us so soon. Now we each take out our mobile phones to see if there is any signal. We can ask for help. "

They took out their phones and clicked on the button. With a deep frown, Edgar said, "No signal." he raised his head and took a glance at Crystal. "What about yours?"

Crystal shook her head and said, "No."

Edward shook his head and said, "No."

Edgar looked around. The forest was so thick that he couldn't tell which direction they were going to. He frowned again. "Not only are they lost, but we seem to have lost as well! "

Crystal turned around, walked to a tree and sat down. She was not too surprised to know that Edgar had lost his way as he had said. She was no longer nervous or afraid as she got lost in the mountain! But somehow she felt used to it.

Vice versa, Edward was quite surprised. "What do you mean by getting lost? No! No way! Edgar, it's so dark here. How should we go back? ",

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