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   Chapter 156 I Will Be With You!

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"Crystal. As long as you let go of Edward, you can take my life! Put down your gun and let him go! Whatever you want to do, I will be with you. Crystal, Edward is innocent. It was me who hurt you. It was me who pushed you away. If you want revenge, come to me. I will give you my life. No matter what you want to do, I can do anything for you! "

After saying that, Edgar brought the pistol against her waist back. From the first time he saw the gun in her hand, he knew that the man behind this wanted not only to kill Edward, but also tried to frame Edgar and put him in prison. He wanted to destroy him completely. If he was still suspicious at the beginning, now he was already certain about the real identity of that guy What a vicious man!

Thinking of that, Edgar said in a gentle tone, "Crystal, I know you are being used. I know you are not vicious. You are forced to do that. If you can turn around to look at me, please look back. My love for you has not changed till now. If possible, please look back at me. I have been waiting for you. Ivy, please turn around. I will take you home! I'll take you home! "

At this moment, there were tears flashing in Edgar's deep eyes. He knew that his girl was not a cold-blooded person. She must have been forced.

"Go home! This word was really touching. A few times before, he also said to her, "go home!" The first time he said go home, she was happy about it. The second time she was sad. At that time she thought he was doing this for the baby in her belly. The third time she was completely numb about the word, where is her home?

Now, it was time to pay the price for Paul! For Megan! For her child! And those who were killed by her. Damn it! She didn't care! She had too much blood on her hands. How could she wash it away! How could she get rid of it! She would never enjoy a good ending for the karma she deserved.

Without crying, Crystal turned back coldl

tal no matter what happen to me."

Hearing that, Edward raised his head and looked into Edgar's eyes. Sighing, he said, "okay! Edgar, I promise you! "

Then he turned around and looked at Crystal. "Crystal, did you see that! Haven't you come to your senses since Edgar has done so much for you? "

If there was a knife in Edward's hand, he would break her heart with it. What the hell was wrong with her? Why was there such a cruel woman! How could there be such a cold and ruthless woman!

This woman was a real fool! No one had ever seen her like this? Can you really be indifferent? Do you have a brain! Don't you have a heart? "

Crystal said coldly, "You are right, but my heart has gone! My heart had died three years ago! My heart? I am just a living dead now! My only wish is to take revenge! "

Clenching his teeth, Edward stamped his feet. He thought when he chattered, he could sober up Crystal. He thought at least Crystal could not accept for a while, but at least she could put down the gun in her hand. However, he found that he was wrong, Crystal was still apathetic.

Edward was speechless. Damn it! He was acting like he cast pearls before swine! Crystal didn't hear a word! Crystal... Fuck you! She was so stubborn, just like Edgar! Exactly the same!

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