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   Chapter 155 Stop Continuing Your Mistake!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6568

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Edward really didn't know what to say or what to say at the moment? Nothing could be changed as the result was doomed. But he still wanted to fight for it for Edgar. He knew clearly how Edgar became lost for the woman in front of him.

Taking a step forward, Edward continued, "No matter what you want, I don't have to say anything more, but I want to tell you that Edgar has never thought of giving up loving you! He has been loving you till now. He still loves you. If you keep making a mistake, Edgar will be very sad. He really loves you"

At this moment, she felt a slight pain in her heart. She knew that it was her heart that was beating again. She closed her eyes and forced herself to calm down. She secretly told herself that she could not feel sad and pity. Tyron was still in the control of Spencer. She had lost her child and she had lost too many family members. This time, she could not lose Tyron. No way!

Thinking of that, with a cold look on her face, Crystal opened her eyes again. She pulled the pistol with one hand and said coldly, "Sorry, Edward. I owe you your life this time. Since I chose to be like this, I must continue to be wrong, even if it is a mistake. I have no way to go back, and I will not be able to look back."

Shaking his head impatiently, Edward continued, "Crystal, as if my death could make you sober up and get you and Edgar back together. Well, you can kill me."

Crystal replied coldly, "No! There is no way back! We can't go back! Edward, I can only say that it wasn't me who killed you today, but Edgar"

A hint of doubt flashed across Edward's eyes. He didn't understand what Crystal meant, but when he looked at the gun, his eyes widened in shock. It was, this was Edgar's usual gun. He yelled angrily, "Crystal, are you going to frame Edgar for my death?"

She said coldly, "Yes, what I want is not only your life, but also Edgar's! I have no choice! "

If a moment before he was still sad for Cryst

at he would be in danger! Edgar should have guessed who was behind it if he was smart enough

He shouldn't have come, but he came anyway! Was it because Edgar was not smart, or because he cared too much about the brotherhood with Edward?

Edgar said word by word, "Crystal, you can't continue to make mistakes. If you really kill Edward, it's you who is in danger, and it's you who is in trouble. Not only the Mu's family won't let you go, but also the person who hired you won't let you go. The police won't give you a chance to escape. If you are sensible enough, put down your gun. "

Crystal said coldly, "what if I say no?"

A tinge of pity flashed across Edgar's eyes. He said in a soft voice, "It was all my fault. If I hadn't pushed you away three years ago, you wouldn't have become like this. It was all my fault. I had thought that I would protect you well by not telling you anything. I had thought that I could have protected you well, but I hadn't expected that you would have suffered so much more than I had ever expected."

"It's meaningless for you to say that now, isn't it? Do you think it is ridiculous to make a heinous person give up her obsession for killing! Edgar, put away your sympathy. I don't need that! I don't need to be pitied, nor do I need to be protected by anyone. "

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