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   Chapter 154 It's You

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6337

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At the moment, a bloody scene was brewing in the desolate suburb.

"Crystal? Why are you here?" Edward was shocked to see a woman standing in front of him. She was dressed in a black leather coat, with her black hair hanging down. She looked at him coldly. She was radiating a cold and dark aura, like an eagle in the dark.

Edward also regarded himself as a tough guy. But when facing Crystal, he still trembled.

"It's me, it's me who asked you out!"

He was shocked, but he was also confused. He thought it was his undercover who asked him out. His undercover was a servant of Mu's family and he had been his spy in the family for years. The undercover had never been discovered in these years, but someone sent Edward a message in the name of the undercover. He knew that his spy must be in a very dangerous situation.

He thought the one who found his spy was from the Mu's family, but he didn't expect it was Crystal.

Edward: Tell me, Crystal, how did you get his phone? How do you know"

"Don't ask me. I know nothing. I only know that someone wants to kill you! And I am here for it"

With astonishment on his face, he looked at Crystal and said, "you... You are a killer!"

Looking at him coldly, Crystal said, "You can say that, but don't blame me!"

Edward started to sweat on his forehead. Trying to calm down, he stammered, "n-n-you want to kill me! You want to kill me? "

Step by step, Crystal said coldly, "Yes! Someone wants your life!" As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled out the pistol she had prepared and pointed it at Edward.

Uncontrollably, Edward took a few steps back. "Crystal, do you think you can get away with it if you kill me? You should know that now I am not Edward. I am the young master of the Mu group, and I am Charlie. "

Then Crystal looked at him and said with a cold smile, "Mr. Charlie, I know your life is valuable! It's

ng a reason for his cowardice? He did it for my felicity! You can let me hate him as I like? If he did that for my felicity, where was he when I was forced by Olivia to take the abortive medicine?

If he did that for me, why did he push me to the edge of hatred again and again! He let me down to him again and again, and let me give up until my heart died. Is he doing this for my felicity? Don't you think it's funny to say that? "

Edward didn't expect that Edgar had kept something from her and he had hurt her so much! It was not until now that Edward gradually realized that what Edgar had said was not only about love, but also about the couple who were frank with each other.

Edgar had never lied to you, believe it or not. He chose not to tell you because he didn't want you to see the worst in the world. He wanted to protect you and he wanted to let you live a peaceful life"

"But what about the result? What did he give me then? Only hatred! If he want me to be strong, I must make myself stronger. If he want me to be strong, I must be ruthless and cruel. In the end, should I thank him for letting me know the world and myself well? It wasn't my fault, it was because I was not cruel enough! It was because I was too cowardly, wasn't it? "

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