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   Chapter 153 Edward Is In Danger!

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Hearing that, Edgar stood up. He gave a light pat on his shoulder and comforted him, "Edward No! You are Charlie! You can! You can do it! "

With a complicated expression on his face, Edward said, "well, I can! Thank you, Edgar! "

Looking at him seriously, Edgar said, "Besides, I think that there must be something between Spencer and Crystal. I guess it must be Spencer who took her away three years ago. I don't know what she had gone through in the past three years! But I know she must have suffered a lot. If Spencer hurt her, I won't let him go! "

What he meant was very simple. If he knew that Spencer dared to do something bad to his girl, he would teach him a lesson. He would never let him go, even if he went against the Mu's group.

Edward knew it. To a certain extent, if Edgar chose to fight against the Mu's group, Edward knew that the Mu's group would have a hard time in the end.

Nodding his head firmly, Edward said, "Okay. If I had a chance, I would never let that happen!"

After saying that, Edward scratched his head and continued, "Edgar, in my opinion! If you really want Crystal to be together with you, you can make it directly. I think you can make her clear about all the misunderstandings between you two in the past, or you can just tell her that you know she is Ivy, so that you can be together with her easier! Why did you make so much trouble? "

Edgar sight faded. He turned around and sat on the sofa, looking at the teacup on the tea table with melancholy, frowning. He said indifferently, "I... I don't know what to say! I acknowledge that I was really excited the moment I knew that Crystal was Ivy. I can tell you for certain that I have always been loving her. No matter what kind of person she has become, even she is dull or vicious, my love for her will never change. But"

Looking up at him, "Edgar, are you blaming yourself? Right! You think th

planted in the Mu's family. I

In fact, Edward felt a little guilty for hiding the truth from Edgar. His good friend, Edgar, indeed took him as a true friend, but Edward didn't tell him everything.

Seeing that, Edgar said lightly, "it doesn't matter. Everyone has secrets. I can understand! Go for it! I will drive back by myself! "

Edgar knew that Edward had to handle it by himself. Once Edward depended on Edgar for too long, he would become accustomed to it and lose the ability to handle issues independently. In the past, Edward always asked for Edgar's opinion by phone. But now, Edgar didn't think he should intervene in the family affairs of the Mu's family"

So Edward nodded and said, "Thank you, Edgar. Are you sure that you can drive yourself? "

Edgar rolled his eyes at him and said, "Stop nagging! Go then! "

They went to the parking lot and said goodbyes. Edgar drove back to the company. Then Edward drove to the suburb.

When Edgar went back to the company, there was a text message on his phone, "Someone is going to do something bad to you!"! From Crystal! 、

Edgar hadn't expected that Crystal would send him a message. After thinking for a while, he suddenly understood the real meaning of the message. No! Edward is in danger!,

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