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   Chapter 152 My Girl!

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In an office.

Edgar sat straight at his desk. One of his hands was supporting his chin, while the other one was putting an egg against his eyes.

Edward murmured with a melancholy look on his face.

"Edgar, why do you always like to fight like a child? Is there anything that can't be dealt with peacefully? "

How Edgar wished he could slap him to death! He could not bear it any longer and said, "go back to the lab!"

Edgar had a fascinating face, but half of his face was swollen.

Then Edward shut up, but in his heart, he cursed Edgar harshly. 'who went nuts after drunk in the bar? Who called Spencer to come out and beat him without saying a word?'! Shit! If you don't tell me you fight, just do it! And what else did he say? Spencer, you'd better stay away from Lena. She's my girl! my

At that time, Edward really wanted to find a place to escape. Where was that place? It was so embarrassing to fight in the bar, especially in front of the public! Apart from a lot of people, the bar was also very eye-catching. A lot of people gathered around, they all witnessed the fight.

The main reason was not that there were many people, but that they felt humiliated! 'Is he going to get himself drunk in a bar, the boss of the Luo group? That's not important. The key point is that the president of the Luo group is against the president of the Mu group. They are fighting for a woman!'

In this case, the reputation of Edgar was reduced to zero this time. Although they were not superstars, they were the CEOs of the group. It was not appropriate to ignore the reputation! Even if the boss wants a mistress, he would never say in a clear way that she is my mistress... "! A group of people cursed him!

When Edward was thinking about her, Edgar hit himself on the head with plaster in one hand and said angrily, "At the Party, Spencer held his hand on Crystal's elbow. She is my girl. I don't allow anyone to touch her!"

Hearing that, Edward looked angry but dared not to show it. Lowering his head, he disdained in his mind. 'damn it! 'boss, she said sh

p, she had held Edward's hands and asked him to take good care of his little brother and sister, but he hadn't! And he even tried to run away from these.

"So, I don't want to run away from it any more!" said Edward, standing straight with a cold light flashing in his eyes

He knew that no matter how bad the Mu group was, it had to be taken back by him and it was what he deserved!.

He didn't want to escape from anything! It had been so long. He should have the courage to face it.

At this time, Edgar stood up, patted him gently and comforted him, "Edward! No! You are Charlie! You can! You can do it! "

With a complicated expression on his face, Edward said, "well, I can! Thank you, Edgar! "

Looking at him seriously, Edgar said, "Besides, I think that there must be something between Spencer and Crystal. I guess it must be Spencer who took her away three years ago. I don't know what she had gone through in the past three years! But I know she must have suffered a lot. If Spencer hurt her, I won't let him go! "

What he meant was very simple. If he knew that Spencer dared to do something bad to his girl, he would teach him a lesson. He would never let him go, even if he went against the Mu's group.

Edward know it. To a certain extent, if Edgar tried to fight against the Mu's group, Edward knew that the Mu's group would have a hard time in the end.

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