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   Chapter 151 He Is The One You Want Me To Kill

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Crystal knew clearly that it was useless for her to be angry and sad. The only way was to follow the man's words. He would never give her space to feel sad and angry.

She also knew that in his eyes, he preferred her to be a soulless puppet. Would he sympathize with her? Would he? Of course not! Would she continue to show her cowardice in front of him? Of course not.

Seeing that Crystal had recovered her mind so quickly, Spencer was very satisfied. Then he turned around, walked to the desk drawer and took out a document. He handed it to Crystal and said coldly, "I want you to kill him! I will ask him out tomorrow night, the same place as he was. I will have someone tell Edgar and you need to take him out before he arrives. Remember, do not use your flying daggers. Edgar likes to use a pistol named 54 Type. "

Crystal opened the document and took out a picture. After a while, she raised her head and looked at Spencer, frowning. "The person you wanted me to kill is Edward!"

Spencer replied in a cold voice, "He is not Edward. His real name is Charlie."

Crystal exclaimed in astonishment, "Charlie!" Meanwhile, she mumbled in her mind, 'He is Charlie

Yes, he is my brother! "

When Spencer said this. A trace of evil flashed in his cold eyes. Especially the "brother" he gritted very hard. In Crystal's mind, she did not believe that there was something uncanny between Spencer and Edward. But Crystal did not want to know at all, which had nothing to do with her.

It reminded her of the honest man in the ward. She had thought about trying to make a match for Celine and Edward together, but when she thought of it now, she didn't think she was doing the right thing.

It turned out that everyone here was not simple. Who would have thought that the assistant of Edgar was the eldest son of the Mu family's old master - Charlie! Luckily, Celine didn't get involved. otherwise, she might be unwilling to kill him.

She put the photo back in her file

e put on a smile and said, "All right. It seems that it's time to deal with him. Inform Toby to send his men to check the room frequently. What's more, ask our men to bring the recording pen every day. "

Terry said with great respect, "Yes, Ms. Crystal. I'll do it right away."

Just as she was about to hang up, something came to her mind. She picked up her phone quickly. "Terry, you can send... a stranger to tell Edgar that someone is trying to kill him

"Yes, Ms. Crystal." Terry said

After hanging up the phone, Terry looked confused and thought, 'Why does Ms. Crystal show interest in Edgar? "

Crystal hanged up the phone and sighed, "Edgar, thank you for helping me with Lena. This is a gift for return. If you are smart enough, I hope you can avoid it!"!

Abruptly, she felt a heart wrenching pain. She held the sofa with one hand, and pressed her chest with the other. She knew that the it was because of the Magic Water. Her face, which had been ruddy, appeared pale at the moment, and there was a trace of sweat on her forehead. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down. Don't think about anything, including anyone else. Just in a moment, when she opened her eyes, she felt cold all over her face, and the pain slowly disappeared with the cold touch, until her face returned to calm.

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