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   Chapter 150 Who Do You Want Me To Kill

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Getting off the car, Toby kicked Nathan out. Crystal frowned and asked, "Is it here, Nathan? Are you sure? "

With his legs trembling, Nathan got up from the ground and replied, "Yes. Go to the room 123. Go straight to the second floor from here. Tyron is there. "

As soon as Nathan thought of the man there, he felt as if he had seen Satan. That kind of fear came from the deepest in his heart.

He had to admit that that was the most terrible person he had ever seen in his life.

"Damn it! How could you be so verbose? So scared? Pussy! "

Seeing the fear on his face, Toby was worried. He was afraid that it was a trap.

Then he turned around and came to Crystal, saying respectfully, "Boss, are you really going inside! I feel something is wrong! Why do I think it looks like... "

Crystal frowned and glanced at Nathan who was shrank. She said coldly, "Are you afraid that it is a trap?"

"Boss, let me go up first." Toby nodded

Crystal waved her hand and said, "No, thanks. You can go back now."

"Boss?" asked Toby in surprise

Crystal gave a cold smile and said, "It doesn't matter! You can go back first. I want to have a chat with my old friend! "

"Well..." asked Toby, confused

Crystal said coldly, "Okay, I'll be fine!"

She knew they were worried about her. In fact, after taking over the Dragon Tiger Gang, she had thought that they would hate her and want her to die, because she had killed their boss.

However, after getting along with her for months, they had already taken her as their real boss. They were on the same boat. Crystal said firmly.

"Yes, Boss." Toby nodded

When they turned around, Crystal cast a cold glance at Nathan, who was about to run away, and said coldly, "Get rid of him!"

Then, they saw that Nathan was trembling with fear and lying on the ground. He turned his head, glaring at Crystal coldly, and said, "you You lied to me! "

Crystal sneered, "I'm lying? I didn't say that I would let you go. How di

ed her to kill this time was Edgar. She didn't hate Edgar anymore. She knew that she had misunderstood him. How could she hate him!

She didn't love him nor hate him. But the thought of killing him made her feel cold in her heart.

Spencer sneered, "what? You still love him? "

Without answering, Crystal said coldly, "Let me see Tyron!"

"Yes, you can. Then he clicked the video on his computer and a figure appeared. It was a student with big eyes and an oval face. He waved to her! Godmother! It's me, I'm Tyron. Do you still remember me? Godmother! We haven't seen each other for three years. How are you doing now! By the way, Grandpa and grandma are traveling and I don't know where they are either? Grandma told me if I looked at it, you would see me. I... "

However, before Tyron finished his words, a grey haired old lady showed up in the video. She slumped into an elegant sofa, trembling and said, "Ivy, come to save us! Ivy, who did you offend on earth? They They were horrible! I don't know where they have taken us? We have to Go home! "

The video had been over.

Her eyes were filled with tears and she felt that Tyron had grown up, he became much alike with Megan. Crystal closed her eyes and pulled back her tears.

"Tell me, who do you want me to kill?" The words came out of her mouth.

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