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   Chapter 148 A Little Special!

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After regaining her composure, her phone rang! It was Toby. She answered it and said lightly, "there's no need to investigate about Lena anymore. You send a few people to follow Spencer and see if there's any news about Tyron!"

Toby remained speechless for a while, and then replied respectfully, "Tyron! 'Tyron Luo! Ms. Crystal! Is that Tyron? "

Crystal frowning, she said, "later, I will send you the information of Tyron. After you get it, read carefully and keep it in your mind, then delete the information I sent you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Crystal." Toby replied respectfully

Then he hung up the phone.

Judging from Crystal's cold tone, he could tell that she was in a bad mood today. He knew that he should not have asked something as a subordinate. But Toby just couldn't help caring about her. From the moment Ms. Crystal became the leader of the Dragon Tiger Gang, Toby knew that he had fallen in love with her. He had never known that a woman could be so decisive and ruthless.

He had to admit that cold heart was really ruthless, even to herself. In Toby's mind, girls should be quiet, coquettish and easily cry when they saw blood. But Crystal was different, she had never shown weakness to anyone, and she was always the first one to lead them in front.

No matter she was seriously injured or not, she never frowned. She was more capable than a man. Sometimes, even these men were not as strong as her. Toby sighed and thought that a strong woman like her was supposed to be the flower in the greenhouse and be protected by others. On the contrary, she took a group of men with her to settle one trouble after another.

As he was thinking about this, he got lots of new messages.

At this moment, Crystal was sending messages, absent-minded while staring at a baby photo in her hand. The baby in the photo looked less than one year old and was babbling.

The baby looked just like her sister. This was a photo of Tyron. At that time, she went to her sister's home and got this photo

. If such a beautiful woman was lying under him, it would be a great pleasure!

Crystal glanced at Nathan coldly. She sniffed, drew a dagger out of her waist quickly and shot it over Nathan's head.

A sound of Swoosh! The flying knife accurately passed through his head and flew into the opposite wall. At the same time, several hair on his head were dropped down.

At the moment, Nathan trembled all over, looking at Crystal in horror, and the sunflower seeds in his hand scattered on the ground.

If he hadn't lowered his head slightly, the flying knife must have stuck between his eyebrows. His heart beat rapidly. that was close! that was close!

Nathan looked at Crystal with a lustful squint a second ago, but now there was only fear left in his eyes. He didn't expect that Ivy learned the flying knife after three years, and she became so cruel that she wanted to kill him! Who does she want to kill?

If the man didn't take the photo of ivy before the surgery and some evidence left by the hospital after her surgery, he really suspected that the man was cheating him!

At this time, Crystal stood up in a cold manner, turned around and walked towards Nathan. Step by step, the sound of Crystal's footsteps made Nathan feel that Crystal was stepping on his heart, and as that cold feeling filled his whole body, the fear spread.

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