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   Chapter 147 Unexpected Meaning!

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Mia didn't think so. "He cannot defeat me even though he is smart!"

The man felt sick at the sight of the conceited expression on Mia's face. But he couldn't stand out and was not strong enough. He couldn't have done more things without the help of Mia. Otherwise how would he accompany a bitch who wanted to be a virgin! She had a desire for a man, but she felt that she was so noble which was disgusting!

At this time, the man suddenly turned over and pressed on Mia's body. He said with a snicker, "come on, let's continue!"

In fact, the man really couldn't stand it! If he continued to listen to what she said, he really feared that he couldn't control himself from giving her two punches. But he knew it was not a good time to fall out with her, so he could only stop her.

Mia's body went soft again! Aren't you afraid that you will be killed with so much sex? "

With an evil smile, the man replied, "I'd like to die for a beauty like you."

…… Crystal came back to her apartment after the party.

"Ms. Crystal, are you okay?" Toby turned around and watched Crystal sitting in the car. She didn't intend to get out of the car.

Today, it was Spencer's man who intended to send her to the apartment, but she refused. She called Toby directly.

Just at this moment, Toby's words reminded Crystal.

Crystal stood up and got out of the car. She waved to Toby, indicating him to go back.

But she didn't turn back and kept walking. At the door, she took out the key and opened the door.

Looking at the receding figure of Crystal, Toby thought that something bad had happened to her today. He didn't know what had happened at the party as he didn't go to the scene. He was confused when he saw that Crystal looked absent-minded. He stayed there for a long time, fearing that something bad would happen to Crystal.

Crystal took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the cold floor. The feeling of coolness came from her feet and spread all over her body. She did not come to her senses until now.

She walked into the living room and threw he

nd her left one by one because she wasn't strong enough or indifferent enough.

When she was a kid, her father always told her that she was a disaster and everyone around her would be hurt because of her. At the beginning, she didn't believe that. As the people who cared about her left one by one, she gradually began to believe that she was really a disaster, At present, she didn't want others to love her, and she didn't need to love anyone either. She wanted to be strong, she wanted to take revenge, and she needed to be cold and ruthless.

She didn't dare to fall in love with someone now because she was afraid that they would be in grave danger.

When a person was really cold to others for a long time, he or she would really lose the ability to love, because he or she would never find the person who loved him or her.

It was just like a habit that couldn't be developed overnight, but once it was developed, it was difficult to get rid of it.

Three years had passed. In the past three years, she had got used to closing her heart bit by bit.

She didn't know if it was because of the Magic Water, but when she knew all the misunderstandings between her and Edgar, she didn't show much ups and downs.

She didn't think that it was a pity for them to break up because of misunderstandings. Instead, she felt that their love was wrong in the first place.

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