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   Chapter 146 Stop It!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6500

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"Spencer, you are a demon! "

"Thank you for your compliment! I'm satisfied with what I'm doing now. Crystal, I think you can also reach the top of the world by working together with me! "

Crystal, "you are dreaming! I feel sick at the sight of you. I'd rather die than be with you!

Spencer clenched Crystal's arm, walked up to her, and whispered angrily, "Crystal, you're so heartless. You'd rather die to betray me, right? You have taken a great deal of my time for this, and your face has cost me tens of millions of dollars. Tell me, do you have any conscience for saying such a thing! "

Crystal sneered. Her conscience was already hurt when her hands were covered with blood.

"You can take this face as long as you let go of Tyron. Even my life, you can take it back!"

Spencer smiled and said, "Crystal, don't worry. I will never hurt Tyron unless you listen to me. I will reunite you two one day!"

Crystal looked at Spencer angrily and didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. If possible, she really wanted to tear Spencer's face apart here. However, she knew that someone would be buried by her in the end. She couldn't take such a risk.

Three years ago, she lost too much, and now she didn't want to lose her only family, Tyron.

Thinking of this, Crystal closed her eyes and restrained her anger. When she opened her eyes, there was nothing but calmness on her face.

Then she turned around and looked at Lena in silence with a complicated expression.

At the same time, Edgar was walking towards them.

He stood on the platform, elegantly walked to the corpse, squatted down and picked up the dead Lena. As he met Crystal's eyes, he slightly nodded his head, then turned around and said coldly to everyone, "I'm really sorry. This is my sworn sister, a psychiatric patient. She has been so unreasonable today. I have to make an apology here! I'll take her back and bury her right now. " As he spoke,

"You mean those fake doctors worked for Edgar? No! How did Edgar know that Lena is Ivy? It was impossible! Besides, even if he knows that Lena is Ivy, then Edgar and Ivy are still sworn enemies. How could he help Ivy? "

The man sneered, "do you really think that Edgar has been so quiet in the past few years?"

Mia looked up at the man and asked in confusion, "you mean..."

The man nodded slightly, "yes! Although Edgar has lost his memory in the past few years, he still remembered some of them very deeply. Especially after he regained his memory, he has vaguely guessed who has been against him all the time! "

"Humph! Even if Edgar knows, he can do nothing. With his current strength, how can he defeat Spencer? "

The man puffed out a cigarette and said, "don't forget that Edgar has a shadow group behind him. His force is on par with that of the Mu's group."

Mia sneered, "so what? The Shadow Group almost belongs to us now. I don't believe that a newly rising Luo group can be somebody without the Shadow Group! As long as Edgar is unable to protect Ivy, then we can defeat Ivy easily! "

The man said with a deep face, "well, don't underestimate Edgar. His trick is not worse than that of Spencer. He is not as cruel as Spencer, but Spencer is not as clever as Edgar."

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