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   Chapter 145 You Are So Mean!

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Updated: 2020-02-09 00:22

After hanging up the phone, Edgar raised his head to look at Crystal. He thought to himself, 'don't worry, I will not let them hurt you!

Just now, he got the news that the woman with the blue shirt was the real Lena. Mia threatened her with her parents to let her come here to accuse Crystal.

Clenching his fists, he had made up his mind that he would give her something in exchange of her threats.

Crystal was very calm because she knew clearly that the one who wanted to strangle Mia at the moment was not her but the Mu's group, Spencer. It was the Mu group's cocktail party. She was invited by the president of the Mu's group.

Then she took a calm look at the woman not far from her, who was wearing a blue shirt and slightly trembling with her head down. That woman didn't dare to look at her. Crystal knew it clearly

She knew that it was Lena.

Lena buried her head down. Crystal knew that she might feel guilty. Because they had promised that they would not see each other or keep in touch within two years.

If Lena chose to bite her out, she would not feel anything. Crystal felt that she and Lena were not friends or family. They were just partners who made use of each other. She only use the identity of Lena, while Lena only wanted to get a moment of peace.

But now, she realized that she was wrong.

Just as Mia was closing in on the doctors and trying to beat them back, no one thought of the woman standing on the platform trying to be the invisible person and wearing a blue shirt all the time. She madly pushed away the security guard, and pushed the doctor next to her away. She suddenly walked in front of Mia and pointed at her with a hand. "I'm going to kill you!"

She took out a scissor from nowhere and cut towards Mia swiftly. But before she could get close to her, Mia's hand stopped her.

She was shocked at first, then despised, and scolded, "are you crazy?"

The woman in blue shirt cried and trembled, "it was you who forced me You made me I'll kill you I'll kill you!

Mia pointed at her and roared

eal Lena if you go forward? "

Spencer quickened his pace, grabbed the corner of Crystal's garment and threatened, "Crystal, listen to me, you have to be ruthless and cold-blooded now. That Lena has nothing to do with you!"

Without turning his head, Crystal said, "no! Now Lena is my family, my sister. I want her body! "

Spencer was stunned by the word "family". There was a flash of bitterness in his eyes. He used to have a family, but now he didn't know how to call it!

He had no family. The only thing he needed was success. Whoever tried to stop him, he would kill him, even his family, or the woman he loved! No one could stop him, no one!

At the thought of this, a hint of cruelty flashed on Spencer's face. He slowly said to Crystal, "okay! In that case, I will not stop you. You just go and bury your loved one. If the family you want is a dead person, then you'll lose another family member, such as Tyron! "

The word "Tyron" made Crystal tremble. She turned around and looked at Spencer coldly, "You are so mean! "

"Crystal, I can be soft hearted to you, and I won't hurt you. But for the people around you, I'm not that kind-hearted! You can say that I am despicable. I don't think there is anything wrong for me to do so. You are trained by me. The former Ivy is dead, dead! Now you are just Crystal. You will always be obedient to me. "

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