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   Chapter 144 Identity Crisis!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6708

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Standing in the middle of the stage, the woman in a blue shirt was compliant and trembling all over. She was very nervous. She had never faced so many people before, and even when she was abroad, she was rarely interviewed. She didn't like places with many people, so she never showed up on the screen. She only liked quiet space to design jewelry for herself.

If it were not for that wicked woman threatened her to kidnap her today, she would not have appeared here.

As for Crystal, she really believed that Crystal was a good girl and an excellent disciple. She also believed in the promise given by Crystal. Crystal had told her that she would return the identity of Lena to her within a year. She believed that Crystal was a girl who kept her word. If not, when a man in black wanted to kill her, Crystal would not save her, let alone take a corpse to tell the master that she had finished the task.

But now, the woman was asking her to admit she was Lena, while Crystal was a fake. She was scared, but she was not stupid. If she admitted that she was Lena, it means Crystal copied her design. Crystal would be completely destroyed, no! She couldn't do that.

What should she do? She was caught in a dilemma, speaking in a halting way, and didn't dare to look at people's eyes.

"I I...Actually was Lena. No! No. No, I I am not Lena... "

At this time, Spencer slightly winked at his assistant, and then several security guards came up one by one. They pulled the women in blue shirt and surrounded Mia.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Mia. We didn't mean to offend you. Mr. Spencer said that you could solve your problem privately. Please go downstairs and have a rest,"

Although the woman in blue shirt couldn't say anything and she even hoped to be taken away, Mia was not a person to be trifled with

"Do you want to fool the public? If anyone dares to touch me, I will let you die without a burial place. "

The security guard was a little afraid. With Mia's current power, she could have arr

to take her away! "

The doctors' face turned pale when they heard Mia's words. They were in such a hurry that they didn't have time to prepare a certificate of patient's condition. Mia sneered when they saw their faces. She knew these men were not real doctors! They were too naive to lie to her.

Hence, Mia was even more confident and indignant, "what? Stop talking. You feel guilty? I tell you, get out of here now, or I will sue you for libel."

The several men stepped back with a guilty conscience. They knew that if the police got involved, they who were escaped criminals would certainly be caught. It was hard for them to escape, and they did not want to go in again.

At the same time, Edgar's face darkened. He didn't expect that Mia was able to talk about this. It seemed that he underestimated her.

Then he took out his phone and dialed another number, "Edward, help me check the progress of Mia's company and the recent meetings with people."

The other end of the line replied with great respect, "yes, Mr. Edgar. I'll do it right away!"

"Can we trust the people you found?"

"Mr. Edgar, don't worry. They are the escaped criminals. Even if they are put in jail, they won't betray us. They are all people who want money more than life. The money has been given to their families. They know the boundary!"

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