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   Chapter 143 She's A Faker!

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When she walked out of the bathroom, the party came to the end. She looked around and finally fixed her eyes on the platform. Mr. Li on the platform was talking about the feeling of cooperation with the Mu's group. Then, she knew it was time for her to show up.

As expected, the moment Mr. Li finished his words, the host standing next to him raised the microphone and said loudly, "now, let's invite Miss. Lena to share some of her ideas with us! Welcome! "

With the applause, Crystal nodded with a smile and went to the platform. She was dressed properly now. Before she went out of the bathroom, she specially changed a purple waisted mop skirt without any decorations on the hemline. It was a simple dress with long hair. She looked so beautiful when she wore it. She looked so elegant and refined, She stepped forward step by step and stood on the platform with an indifferent heart. She was not nervous or extremely calm in front of the crowd, At this time, the host stepped forward and asked, "Miss. Lena, may I ask what your design view is? In the past, your design was mainly elegance and noble. But now you take a simple and low-key path. Why? "

Crystal smiled coldly and said, "it's okay to eat pineapple with big fish and fat meat every day, so that your blood pressure won't surge!"

Hearing her words, the atmosphere became more active. A group of journalists held a microphone and asked, "Lena. Excuse me, is the theme of your design this time the way you will walk in the future? "

Then she turned to the journalist and smiled coldly, "it's not sure. I worked as a designer. It depends on what theme I am going to use. And this time the theme is simple. In the bridegroom's eyes, the bride is simply the only unique existence. "

Looking at the shining Crystal on the stage, a hint of bitterness flashed through Edgar's heart. He still remembered that in the past, Ivy would be nervous and afraid when she saw a lot of people. But now, in her eyes, he could only see that sh

cious eyes. She was suddenly frightened and turned to the audience immediately. "Hello, everyone. My name is Lena. I am a designer of WERDG. I have made great achievements in America. "

Her words set the audience off into gossips. Everyone was shocked!

"She is Lena! But who is the woman on the side? Isn't she Lena? "

They said they were Lena. But who was the real one?

"Who on earth is the designer of WERDG? Did she plagiarize?

On the other side, Edgar stepped forward with a cold face. At the moment, he finally knew what was on Mia's mind. He tightened his hands again. If possible, he really wanted to rush up to Crystal, hugged her and said to her, "come home with me!"

But he knew he couldn't do that. If he did, it would only make a negative impact on her instead of helping her.

Thinking of this, he stopped his steps.

If he went back, Crystal would get hurt.

If he didn't go back he knew clearly that with today's status, he could do nothing for his woman.

He had never been like this. He felt he was useless now, unable to even protect his woman.

At this time, a reporter said, "you said you are real Lena! Do you have any proof? "

As he said this, the rest of the reporters also reacted from the astonishment. "Yes! Excuse me, can you show me the evidence to prove that you're Lena? "

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