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   Chapter 142 But What Can I Do

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Olivia felt cold wind blew around her. Though it was a summer night, She didn't feel heat at all.

Crystal smiled coldly, "see? My kid is watching you. He is coming to you."

With a sudden shudder, Olivia looked around. There was nothing in the toilet. She knew it was a lie, but she still felt as if there was a pair of bloody eyes looking at her, making her flesh creep.

Olivia said in a trembling voice, "I'm sorry, ivy. It's all my fault. I was forced to do so. I know that you hate me very much. I'm really sorry. I have no choice. It's Mia who forced me! yes! It's all her fault! She asked me to hurt you! "

Now, there was nothing they could hide from her anymore? Nothing was more important than her life. She used to think that she was the only one who could get rid of Ivy's child, so that she could be Mrs. Luo without any worries. But now she didn't care about being Mrs. Luo any more. She believed that if Mia was involved, Ivy would let her go.

Crystal didn't hear the first half of the sentence, but she did hear the latter sentence clearly. It was Mia who instructed Olivia to kill her child. Suddenly, her cold fingers moved to Olivia's neck. With the strength of her fingers, she looked at Olivia with a cold face and shouted, "was it Mia who instructed you to murder my child? Tell me! What happened? Tell me, or I will immediately send you to hell! "

With difficulty in breathing, Olivia looked at Crystal in fear. "Please don't kill me! I have told you that I haven't been in a relationship with Edgar. It was all Mia's idea. She asked me to pretend to see him, then seduced him, went to bed with him, took photos of us and sent me to the prison to see you. She wanted you to believe that I had been with Edgar in the past. "

Crystal clenched her left fist and said coldly, "go on!"

"When you were pregnant, it was Mia who gave me an abortion. She asked me to do that and put the blame on Edgar. She said that as long as you thought everything was Edgar's fault, you

energy to love. Loving someone made her feel tired. She would rather die than love. She was not afraid of hurt, but she just did not know how to love.

Crystal closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, the softness on her face was gone. She was still as cold as before.

At that time, there was a scream from the bathroom. It was none other than Olivia's voice. Without turning around, Crystal kept walking forward. She didn't let her go, even though it was ordered by Mia, But even so, Olivia was an accomplice. She clearly remembered that three years ago, it was her that forced her to take the medicine. If Olivia showed any mercy at that time, she would not do anything to her today. At most, she could break one of her legs. But Olivia looked happy and was afraid that she would not die at that time. Therefore, Crystal did not show mercy to her today. She disfigured Olivia's face. She was not qualified to have that face, nor to swagger around with that face.

In addition to that, Crystal also broke the sinews of Olivia's hands and feet. As a result, it was obvious that Olivia had fainted. In Crystal's view, she was not that vicious, Compared with her, Olivia was much more vicious. She not only wanted to kill her baby, but also wanted to kill her. At the very least, she didn't kill Olivia. Was she ruthless?

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