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   Chapter 141 Do You Still Remember Me

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When Crystal entered the toilet, she saw that Selina hiding in a corner of the toilet and talking on the phone. She couldn't hear clearly what she said, and just heard faintly, "I was discovered! I What should I do? If Edgar knows who I am, will he kill me? " Whoooooooh!

Crystal said coldly, "Selina, you are here! I've been looking for you. "

Hearing this voice, Selina suddenly trembled, and the phone fell to the ground. She turned around, looked at Crystal, and subconsciously stepped back. "You What do you want? You Don't come any closer! "

Now Crystal took out the flying knife in her hand and it shone coldly. She was very familiar with such a scene, but her role was changed at that time. Seeing the terrified expression in Selina's eyes, she sneered, "what's wrong? What are you afraid of? Oh, are you afraid of the flying knife in my hand? "

Selina retreated step by step. "What... do you want to do? I I'm not your enemy What do you want to do with it? You... "

Crystal laughed coldly, "Not my enemy? Are you sure there is no hatred between us? Are you sure you don't know me? "

At the moment, Crystal had cornered Selina. There was no way out. At the same time, Selina recalled every word Crystal said. How could she know Lena? How could she have a grudge against her?

Then, Selina said: "Lena, I think you must have mistaken me for someone else. I I really don't know you. Did you make a mistake? I am My original name is Ivy. I'm not Olivia! You There must be some mistake! "

At this moment, Selina suddenly remembered that her face was exactly Ivy's. She only needed to refused to admit that she was Olivia. Now, as a third tier star, there were some people who couldn't see her good, and that was why they hated her. Right! It must be so! Unknowingly, she had already taken Crystal as one of t

't want to accept that. She wouldn't. And now the best way was to get out of here and ask that person for help. Perhaps that person could help her

So at this moment, Olivia put on a pitiful look and suddenly knelt down in front of Crystal. She pulled her trousers and said, "Lena, no, Ivy, it was all my fault at that time. I I was forced to do that. I didn't really want to kill you and your child. I I know I shouldn't have done that to you, i I didn't mean to hurt you Please trust me. Please let me go! "

Crystal leaned down and lifted her chin? Just as Olivia did three years ago. She said, "Olivia, do you think I am as stupid as I was? Do you think I will let you go just because you pathetically say something like that? You killed my baby, my baby! "

Crystal pinched her chin tightly and looked at her with eyes full of anger. She snorted, "Olivia, you must have had a nightmare. Don't you dream about my unborn child? A bloody kid is at your bedside and sticked out his tongue at you! "

All the people who did something bad must feel guilty. As Crystal said slowly, Olivia could not help but think of the scene when she fed Ivy with the abortion medicine and when she was soaked in sweat and blood.

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