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   Chapter 140 Who Are You

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As Crystal looked at Selina again, her expression changed from calm to weird. She walked to Selina and said with an enchanting smile, "Selina, right? I think we should get along well with each other. You look like an old friend of mine! Miss Selina, are you familiar with me? "

Selina was totally confused!

Before she figured it out, Crystal leaned over and touched her beautiful eardrop with one hand. "Oh, Selina, the eardrop is so beautiful. It must be designed by a famous designer. Let me have a careful look."

With these words, Crystal put her face close to the ear of Selina and whispered, "long time no see My old friend, Olivia! "

Suddenly, Selina went blank in her mind and trembled! She was shocked and thought, 'How... How could she know who I am? How... How could she know that I'm Olivia!

Then, Selina recollected a moment Excuse me. I need to go to the bathroom. "

She turned around and ran towards the bathroom.

Looking at Selina fleeing away, she smiled, "Olivia, the show just starts. Take your time. I'll let you enjoy losing everything!

At this moment, Crystal withdrew her cold eyes and looked at Edgar with a smile. "Mr. Edgar, I'm so sorry. I scared your girlfriend away!"

Edgar's eyes had been fixed on Crystal's face, not caring about the leaving of Selina!

He smiled, "not a big deal! She is not that timid! "

Edgar said that on purpose, as if he knew well about Selina. He had thought that Crystal would be angry with him! However, Crystal remained calm. Edgar even became speechless because of her words.

"Mr. Edgar, you love your girlfriend so much. But there is a saying that if you show off, you will die soon! Mr. Edgar, which of you two will die first? "

Crystal withdrew her gaze and looked at Edgar with cold eyes. She thought, 'stupid! Are you really innocent or are you just pretending. Don't you know that Selina has deliberately made a plastic surgery?

That's right. How could a man, who had never loved her deeply, pay attention to this on purpose! He just wanted a woman! A woman whom h

that was to say, Edgar only wanted a woman who would take care of his son, which had nothing to do with love.

"Then why her?" asked Spencer.

Edgar raised his glass and took a sip, "Because she is expensive and smart. It fits me perfectly! "

He couldn't tell anyone the truth that Crystal was Ivy, even his best friend!

It was his woman. He would protect her on his own; he would love her alone! If anyone came to compete with him, he would turn his back on him, even his best friend. Moreover, were they good friends? He used to think that Spencer and he were comrades.

He thought they were able to tell each other everything after the battle in the uninhabited island six years ago.

But it's hard to know others well. Usually those best friends would be the one who go against you the most.

He knew something, but he really didn't want to do that.

Spencer rolled his eyes and thought, 'this reason was totally bullshit!' But he couldn't show anything!

He flatly said, "Okay, okay! Let's drop the topic. Come to Edgar. Let's get hammered! "

After he finished speaking, he also raised his glass and took a sip of the wine.

This cup of wine was spicy, but Spencer couldn't feel it. The only thing he wanted to do was to trample Edgar under his feet with his head held high.

The party was almost finished as they drank one glass by one glass.

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