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   Chapter 139 Hello! Long Time No See.

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Crystal glanced at the door. She opened her eyes wide and got lost again. She saw a familiar face. No! It was very familiar. It was her appearance!But no matter how surprised she was, she was still calm on the surface.

Crystal withdrew her gaze and said to the person beside her with a smile, "I'm sorry! Excuse me. I need to say hello to an old friend! "

Then she turned around and left.

From the direction where Crystal left for, Spencer saw Edgar and Selina. Apparently, he wasn't surprised at Selina's appearance. He thought, 'Crystal, I hope you will like the gift I give you!'!

Standing in front of Edgar, Crystal put on an enchanting smile and said, "Wow! I thought who it was. It turns out to be you, Mr. Edgar! "

She walked up to him and hooked his neck, "Mr. Edgar, you're really lying. The last second you said you wanted to pursue me! Now you've already got a beauty beside you. It seems that your words are so unbelievable! "

With her motion, Crystal didn't care about Selina who could bite people to death due to anger! How dare she flirt with her man in front of her!

Without Edgar uttering a single word, Selina stretched out one hand, pulled down Crystal and said ironically, "Miss, if you have a problem with your eyes, you must wear a pair of glasses in case you bump into my boyfriend's chest."

And for Selina's behavior which indicates that you made a mistake for it was my man, Edgar coldly glanced at Selina and said, "don't be nosy!

Humph! How hilarious! It was his woman. He would be very happy even if she hung on him, le along leaning on him.

Unconsciously, since Edgar knew that Crystal was Ivy, he subconsciously took Crystal as his own woman!

The cold glare from Edgar made Selina tremble. Selina unwittingly took a small step back to keep a distance from the man. Then, one thing came into her mind: Edgar once said to her, "One million dollars. Put on a play with me. Shut up at the party as much as possible! Or else, you'd better disappear from my sight forever! "


d the appearance into what I used to be, why didn't her name change?

What's her purpose? Was it about Edgar or her?'

But when Crystal saw Selina's eyes, she felt that this woman was very familiar, like someone she had known! Then who the hell was she?

All these questions were spinning in her mind. She could not figure it out for the time being, so she took two glasses of wine from the waiter casually and handed one to Selina. "I'm Lena. Nice to meet you!"

Selina was stunned for a moment, and then smiled. "My name is Selina. Nice to meet you!"

At the moment when she clinked her glass, Crystal happened to see the back of her hand. When she saw the red mole that was not very obvious, all the problems in her heart were solved with the red mole. Immediately, she figured out! It was her!

If only Crystal could laugh out loudly at the moment, she would burst into laughter! It was her! It was the enemy she talked about all the time and the one she wanted to strangle every day, Olivia.

It never occurred to Crystal that she would meet Olivia here. Olivia, with her appearance.

Sure enough, God treated her well. This moment, all of her enemies showed up! How cool!

She glanced at them, and she just wanted to laugh! Yes. She really wanted to laugh! She sneered, 'I'm back, my dear old friends! But you... It's time to go!'

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