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   Chapter 138 Edgar Was In A Bad Mood!

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At the same time, there was another person who was not in a good mood! no Was very bad!

Edgar was sitting on the back seat with a cold face. And Edward was the driver. He lowered his voice and said, "Edgar, just tell her! Why are you asking for trouble? "

"Hey, Edward, are you looking for trouble! You just came back from the lab. Do you still want to go in? "

Humph! He was willing to be bullied by his woman! What's up? She was willing to do that!

Edward opened his mouth and closed it quickly, "Mr. Edgar, I didn't say anything

It's impossible! He just got sick from the lab and had a nightmare all night long! Luckily, he didn't die in that environment! A group of snakes! It was so... So shocking.

Edgar said coldly, "Go back to the company to work! "

Edward was desperate, " OMG!"

Leaning against the seat of the car himself, Edgar thought that after three years, Ivy was really a smooth talker! He liked her more and more! He was right! It was his wife. If he didn't like her, who else should he like?

However, after the competition just now, Edgar came to an obvious conclusion that he had to annoy Ivy if he wanted to chase after her again! He didn't fear at all! Keep chasing! She refused him! So he needed to be more persistent. Even shameless! He should be more shameless. He would never give up his wife!

Thinking of this, he calmed down!

Then, it seemed that Edgar thought of something and asked, "ah, Edward, are you still going with me to the Mu group's dinner party tomorrow?"

Speaking of the Mu's group, Edward's hands paused. That was the place he didn't want to recall most, and he wanted to escape from it. "No."

"Okay. You stay in the company tomorrow. I'll go by myself! 'Edward, running away from reality isn't a permanent solution! If something was missed, it was impossible for it to come back agai


"This time, you can't imagine it. What a domineering thing it is! "

"What?" Edgar asked casually? What else? In addition to those dogs and cats, there are some crawling animals. Is it a snake? "

Harvey was surprised! how did you know? It's a snake! "

Harvey was Edgar's friend in the past three years. Although he was also the CEO of an advertising company, his greatest interest was in travelling. Moreover, he was very crazy, and every time he came back, he would take some stray cats and dogs home.

And the thing he brought back this time was a snake! It had really shocked Edgar. The reason why he could make friends with Harvey was that Harvey was very simple and pure. He couldn't see scheming from Harvey.

Selina were snuggling up to Edgar, and she kept her head down, pretending to be scared.

She thought at least Edgar would say "it's okay! Don't be afraid! " But clearly she was wrong. While speaking with Harvey, Edgar's deep eyes were fixed on another woman.

Seen from Selina, it was the perfect figure and graceful figure. When the woman looked back, envy appeared on Selina's face, "how beautiful!"! Praising the beauty between women was real! She got a perfect face and was sure to be a beauty!

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