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   Chapter 137 The Angry Spencer!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6999

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Crystal in a good mood, she walked out of the company. There would naturally be her assistant, Toby waiting respectfully outside.

Luxury cars were parked one by one in a row in front of the hotel. Edgar sat in his car and did not go away. His deep eyes looked through the window at Crystal. When Crystal came out.

Edgar got out of the car and walked up to her. He said in a polite manner, "Lena, Congratulations! You have got the project. How about this? I'll invite you to dinner to celebrate for you. What do you think?"

Just as she was about to get on the car, Crystal suddenly turned around. She calmly looked at Edgar and sneered, "Mr. Edgar, are you telling me that you want to hit on me?

Edward twitched his mouth. He didn't expect that Ivy could speak so rudely after three years! He still remembered that she was a cute little girl!

At the same time, he was stamping his feet for his boss! Boss! You should hold her in your arms and said, "Honey, come home with me!" How cool it was! Why is he still anxious in his mind and quiet in his expression? '.

Hearing that, Edgar smiled and said, "it is not bad if you think so! Lena, would you mind doing this for me? "

In fact, Edgar was very excited at the moment. How he wished he could walk forward, hold her in his arms and said, "let's go home!"

However, he knew that he could not do that because she still hated him. If she knew that he had known she was Ivy, he was afraid that she would reject him thousands of miles away!

However, Crystal sneered, "Mr. Edgar, but I have no interest in you! And every time I see you say something so heartless, I feel sick! "

But Edgar was not angry at all. "It doesn't matter. You can refuse to stare at me. You are just having dinner!"

"I'm afraid I would have a stomachache," Crystal replied.

Taking a step forward, Edgar said, "It doesn't matter. We can eat, take a walk and digest everything!"

Standing behind Edgar, Edward tried his best not to laugh. He found that his boss was so patient!

Not wanting to waste any more time with him, Crystal said coldly,

dn't she hate Edgar very much! She had thought of killing Edgar. Why did she change her mind now?

no He wouldn't let it happen. Why all the women he had a crush on were always around Edgar! For what? Why could Edgar get the best thing he wanted without any qualms of conscience! Why didn't his dear brother betray Edgar! For what? He could do anything he wanted? But Spencer had to pretend to be a playboy everyday!

At the thought of this, Spencer cast a cold glance at his assistant and said angrily, "what are you doing! Clean it up! "

The assistant was trembling: Yes Mr. Spencer. "

The assistant bent over to clean the mess. Seeing the assistant's trembling face, Spencer got even more annoyed. He roared, "Get out of here. Come in to clean it in ten minutes! "

"Yes, sir!" She didn't hear the last sentence clearly, but she heard the word 'get out'. WOW! She really wanted to get out of here!

The assistant ran out quickly. I bet Mr. Spencer must have been insane today. Otherwise, he might have had a menopause! Damn it! It's so frightening!

After the assistant had left, Spencer took out his phone and commanded coldly, "Go and find out where is Tyron. He is Ivy's nephew."

His man said respectfully, "yes! Boss! "

After hanging up the phone, Spencer gradually calmed down. He thought, 'Crystal, since you tried to disobey me, don't blame me for being ruthless.'

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