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   Chapter 136 Do You Really Forget Me

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So Mia continued, "Crystal! You are flattering me!

Humph! Stop being cocky! She was still a woman who relied on powerful men to get everything she wanted. Humph! I am disdainful of you!

Instead of getting angry, Crystal gave a weird and charming smile. You are so humble, Miss. Mia! Though you really piss off, but you could still pretend that you are indifferent and apathetic. You always act like an old lady who speaks contrary to your thought! "

At the moment, she thought she misheard something? Or the woman just couldn't articulate? She called her old lady?

Age was the natural enemy for all women! Especially in front of her peers, an old lady! How could she address her that way!

With an angry look on her face, she said, "You"

Up to now, no one dared to offend her like that. When she was Miss. Mia, she was superior and now she was the president of the Unite Union as well. No one dared to disobey her. But now, a shameless woman called her old lady!

She was so angry that she didn't know what to say!

Wearing a pair of high heels, Crystal stepped forward and sneered, "Miss. Mia, what do you want to say? What I said is truth, isn't it! How could the vicious Miss. Mia not care about her old and wrinkled face! "

what! wrinkle face! Mia was so furious that she enraged!

However, Mia, who had always been arrogant and proud, lost her arrogance in front of Crystal. Just now, the disdain in her eyes had already been dissipated by the word 'Old lady'! and 'Wrinkle face'! " The two words were blazing with anger.

She glared at Crystal and stated coldly, "Who do you think you are? A woman who relies on a man to promote has no right to flaunt in front of me! If it weren't for that idiot Edgar gave you the chance, do you think your design would be worthy of Mr. Gate's attention? "

"Yes! Miss. Mia, you're right. I'm a woman who relies

the Unite Union, but only she knew that part of the shares of the company was owned by Bill Meng, her father, exactly speaking, her stepfather. Most of the senior staff were led by Bill Meng

She originally thought that she could get all the shares of the company if she got Colin out, but she didn't expect that Bill would spy on their fight. She thought Bill had never cared about it and had turned a blind eye to it, but things turned out that he could own 80% of the shares even the company was still on her control.

She knew that in his opinion, the stepdaughter was never as good as his biological daughter. Now he hadn't found his daughter. If they met and recognized each other, then Mia would lose everything in the family. no no She couldn't let the daughter of Bill appear! Never! As her vicious eyes flashed a trace of ferocity, Mia thought, 'three years ago, I could design a plan to make Ivy lose everything. Three years later, I can still kill Ivy!'!

Then she stepped on the accelerator.

As she thought of this, she came up with a plot

She smiled weirdly and said to herself, "Ivy, I won't let you be complacent for too long!"! Three years ago, I was able to trample on you, and three years later, I can still destroy you!

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