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   Chapter 135 A Jewelry Design Project!

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Gate frowned at Edgar's suggestion. What did he mean by saying that? The expressions on other people's faces were also unusual. They were all secretly speculating what kind of message Edgar was conveying.

Crystal took out the design draft and handed it to Gate, smiling! Since she was encouraged, why not make good use of it!

"Mr. Gate! This is my design. Please have a look! She gave the design to Mr. Gate.

Gate frowned and didn't say anything. He had sent people to investigate Lena, and she was indeed talented, but he preferred to make chance for Edgar than for her. He remembered Edgar's father, Scott, whom he admired most.

Since Edgar had suggested, he just took a look reluctantly. When he viewed the design, the novel ideas went straight into his eyes. With his frown gradually released, his dull expression became wonder, It had to be said that her design was very good. Even Gate, who had been engaging in the jewelry industry for many years, was very satisfied with it.

Usually, the jewelry submitted to Gate was designed with elegance and grace, but Lena's design gave a shine to him.

Gate looked at Crystal and asked casually, "Lena, could you please explain the design for us?"

Crystal nodded and stood up slowly. She came to the platform and gave everyone a calm glance. In a neither humble nor pushy tone, she said, "The theme of this design is

The wedding ring of the bride and the groom symbolized loyal love, and a ring on both hands was a promise. Take the platinum wedding ring I designed for example, it is a combination of the couple. Their combination in marriage led to the shape of the ring, which proved that there is endless hope and expectation in a relationship. My idea is to make the two elements intertwined, two parallel cuts on the surface to form a triangle and a square space. "

Crystal could only see the light of nature in her, confident and emotional.

All the people pre

Edgar only appreciated the talent of Lena!

Such an explanation didn't arouse any suspicion in Spencer's mind! He thought Edgar should know nothing.

Crystal deliberately walked behind them. She was waiting for Mia. She knew that Mia tried to keep her morale though she lost the bid. She raised her head proudly, like a cocky peacock, She wiggled out of the elevator. Spencer and Edgar were the first to enter the elevator. They were still like good friends, chatting with each other endlessly.

They were all CEOs, so they took the special elevator for the CEO. Others should take the ordinary elevator. When their subordinates came out, they respectfully waited for their boss.

Coincidently, Crystal and Mia took the same elevator. With a disdainful look on her face, Mia glanced at her. As soon as the door of the elevator closed, Crystal lifted the corners of her mouth and gave a weird smile. She thought, 'it's time to greet the old friend!

As she pushed on the bottom of the elevator with her dagger, Crystal walked toward Mia.

"Miss. Mia, you look gorgeous in this dress! Well, it's a good match Like... "

At first, she simply tried to overlook Crystal. However, women always like to be praised by others, especially those who were more beautiful than themselves.

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