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   Chapter 134 What A Goddamn Nice Show!

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As expected, Edgar smiled and said, "All right! Even if your father is sick now, you should take the responsibility of the following things. Don't always act as if you don't care about him at all and go out whenever you want! "

Spencer seemed to be scolded by the elder, and then he rebuked with a smile, "All right! Stop talking nonsense. Let me introduce to you my company's designer, Miss. Lena! "

After that, Spencer turned around and introduced her to Edgar.

"Hello, Mr. Edgar! Nice to meet you! "

"Miss. Lena, the well-known designer, has an exceedingly beautiful face. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! " Edgar said politely, stretching his hand to Crystal.

They acted like strangers who had never met each other. They greeted each other with a smile.

But only they themselves knew what was behind the smile!

He thought, 'Honey, I'm coming!'!

She thought coldly, "Edgar, we meet again. Your 'lucky day' has begun!"!

But Crystal didn't stretch out her hand. Instead, she responded with a smile, "Mr. Edgar, I'm flattered!"

However, Edward didn't show any surprise when he saw Crystal. He just glanced at Spencer quickly.

At the same time, Spencer took a casual glance at Edward with his deep eyes.

It was nothing, but only he knew how much he hated him! Ah! What a bitch! Such an asshole, Edgar! What a goddamn nice show!

At this moment, Mia, with a large group of teams, slowly walked over. She was wearing a white lady suit and a short skirt, full of vigor.

Well, now she was the CEO of Hengli Group. There was nothing more honorable than her! She had stealthily sent Colin's nasty things to her father from mail. Then her father was so angry that he directly deprived him of his rights and made her the executive director of Hengli Group and CHUANGMEI group.

In fact, at the moment, Hengli Group had been bought out. And merged together, known as the United Union.

Thinking of this, Mia took a look at Edgar and Spencer in an arrogant manner. and said

ests between people, while more was a matter of win or loss between companies and people.

Three years ago, Luo family was destroyed and Edgar lost almost everything. Three years later, Edgar had restarted from scratch and his business had been acquired. While now he was fighting against Mia in the same conference chamber again.

Gate seemed to appreciate Edgar. He said to him, "Please sit down! Let me see the design of your first. '

This gave Edgar an opportunity. If President Gate was satisfied with the first, then how could he respect the second and the third?


Then with Edgar's hint, Edward and the designer named Yang also stood up respectfully.

Then Yang handed the design draft to the assistant of Gate respectfully, and another assistant handed it to Gate respectfully.

Then Gate nodded with smile and hinted for approval when Yang made the presentation.

At this moment, the expression of Mia and Spencer changed. They had no chance!

But the person sitting next to Spencer, Crystal, had always been calm.

At this time, Edgar said, "Uncle Gate, don't you need to take a look at them? After all, it's a fair competition! Especially Miss. Lena. She is a top designer abroad! "

His intention was clear and clear. He thought, 'I'm here to help my girl. Old man, please give her a chance!'!

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