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   Chapter 133 Another Identity!

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Crystal drove back to the city. Then she dragged her tired body back to the apartment.

Leaning against the sofa leisurely, Crystal glanced at the electronic watch hanging on the wall once in a while. As time passed, she became more and more calm, and calmer.

At the moment, she felt energetic and ambitious. For three years, the only reason that could keep her alive was her hatred.

The sun was about to rise. She was looking forward to seeing her enemies reaction. Those who wanted to kill her might be surprised! Yes! They would be surprised!

After resting for a while, Crystal stood up and went back to her room. She took out a formal dress from the wardrobe, turned around and went to the bathroom. She then took a piece of bread from the refrigerator and stuffed it into her mouth after washing and cleaning.

After that, she took out her phone and clicked on the screen, "Toby, come and pick me up."

"Yes, sir!" the man at the other end of the line answered respectfully

Crystal hung up the phone, turned around and went to her study. She picked up the design draft and stuffed it into her briefcase. It was a men's briefcase. Of course it should be sent to her assistant, Toby.

When she got everything ready, the doorbell rang. She checked her watch again and smiled with satisfaction, "This time is perfect!"!

She opened the door. Wearing a black suit, Toby said respectfully at the door, "Boss, I am ready!"

Crystal was satisfied with his performance.

Passing his briefcase to Toby, Crystal nodded and said, "Let's go! "

Toby took over her briefcase with great respect, and trotted forward. He bowed and opened the door for Crystal with one hand holding the window. He knew his role today was her assistant, and he had already acquired some knowledge. He believed that he wouldn't embarrass Crystal.

Hence, Toby went to the spot with Crystal!

Crystal arrived at the Mu's group. She wore the work uniform today, a classic white shirt and a black suit. The image of bustling city w

ing Edward. Edward always dressed casually. He didn't focus much on his dressing. Besides, he was never on par with Edgar.

Edgar led his subordinates into the office.

Coincidentally, they met Crystal at the stairs of the building.

"Edgar, there you are!" Spencer went to Edgar and greeted him.

After taking a glance at his Spencer's cold face, Edgar turned to him and asked, "When did you come back?"

Spencer was still the same. He patted on Edgar's shoulder and acted as a good friend. "You don't know me yet. My father is in hospital and he sent me back to take over his job. I have no choice but to do it! You know, I'm not interested in these things. So my father hired the designer Lena abroad. "

Although Spencer didn't really mean anything, he knew that Edgar had a mind of his own. He would rather admit it than let him doubt it. In this way, he would make Edgar think that everything he did was his father's orders.

As expected, Edgar smiled and said, "All right! Even if your father is sick now, you should take the responsibility of the following things. Don't always act as if you don't care about him at all and go out whenever you want! "

Spencer seemed to be scolded by the elder, and then he rebuked with a smile, "all right! Stop talking nonsense. Let me introduce to you my company's designer, Miss. Lena! "

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