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   Chapter 132 A Deliberate Encounter!

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Edgar didn't want to talk to her anymore. He asked, "Where do you live? I'll drive you home! "

"I wanted to go to the city and find a job, but I don't know what I can do on my own. to save my uncle! He is not in good health! I need to make money to cure him!

What she said was true, with a sad face!

Even Selina thought, 'I should not have sex with those directors, producers; I'm so aggrieved with my acting skill that I should be an A-lister.'!

Edgar smiled coldly. It turned out that the woman was aiming at that! Well, his wife once started from his personal assistant, didn't she?

He asked coldly, "Can you work for washing, cooking and printing data?"

Selina nodded, "Yes, a little bit."

He said in a cold voice, "Be my personal assistant! How about one million every year? "

Selina was happy, "Really? Excellent! I finally find a job, thank you... Sir! By the way, how should I address you? "

Hearing that, Edgar said in a cold voice, "Mr. Edgar!" Call his name. Hum! She didn't deserve it! '!

Selina was secretly happy. She did not expect that she could come back to Edgar so easily. However, according to her opinion, it should be a car accident! She had lost her memory! And then pretend to be lofty!

At last, Edgar held her in his arms excitedly and called her "Darling". He finally found her! I've been looking for you for a long time!

But why couldn't she feel his deep love? After struggling for a while, the conclusion made by Selina was that he didn't really love Ivy, well! 'That's right! How could there be true love in this world!

No matter what, she came back to Edgar successfully, which meant that her plan was successful!

Just then, Hilary woke up! He opened his eyes and got up from the car! Looking at Edgar, she said in a baby voice, "Daddy! I'm hungry! "

Selina trembled all over, sitting at the back seat. How could he have a child?

To be honest, she had not paid

imself away from her. He would never let any other women become his mother! No! She would never be his stepmother!

He had been imagining his mother coming back to have the family reunion!

Hearing that, Edgar nodded and said, "Okay, little guy! But if I ask Aunt Crystal to be your mother, will you agree or not? "

Suddenly, Hilary's eyes rolled and then said with a little embarrassment, "I...I like aunt Crystal. Every time I saw her, I could feel a sense of intimacy". But how about my mother if aunt Crystal become my stepmother? "

Holding Hilary in his arms, Edgar said, 'It doesn't matter. Your mother doesn't mind it. I will turn aunt Crystal into your only mother one day. "

Confused, Hilary raised his chin and pouted. He didn't understand what his father said.

"Okay, let's stop thinking about that. I'll take you back to school. Daddy is going to be on a business trip these days. After school, the nanny will take care of you for a few days. Hilary, be good and don't cause any trouble for me, okay?"

There was something that he didn't want to tell Hilary. Ivy was actually Ivy and he also didn't want his son to know for the time being. A little child shouldn't get involved with this. It was better not to tell the thing between him and Crystal to Hilary.

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