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   Chapter 131 The Way Back To The City!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6698

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After putting everything together, Edgar drove back to the hotel in G town. Hilary was still sleeping in the hotel so he asked guards to prepare to go back to the city. He put the clothes of Hilary into the suitcase.

After cleaning up, Edgar called out the sleeping Hilary again. After a few minutes, finally, Hilary stopped as if he was unwilling to leave

He got out of bed, got dressed and crawled into Edgar's arms.

After carrying Hilary out of the hotel, Edgar drove at full speed on the way back to the city. He was in a very good mood at the moment, so he got so excited that he knocked down a hidden object with a whoosh.

At the crossroad, the person by him did not get injured. On a closer look, it was a woman in a white T-shirt and a worn white jeans, Long hair draped over her shoulders, she looked innocent.

Actually, Edgar didn't need to get out of the car to deal with this kind of trifle. He could totally deal with it by following long family members. However, as soon as he saw the woman, he got close to and asked, Edgar paused for a moment and then shouted, "Ivy!" no She looked like Ivy!

She looked exactly the same as Ivy.

The girl leaned against the car and murmured in a low voice, "Sir, your... Your car stopped on my purse."

Edgar rolled down the car window and glanced at the woman with his deep eyes. He said coldly, "What's your name? "

The girl opened her eyes wide and murmured, "ah! I am Selina"

Edgar didn't get off the car, he ordered coldly, "Get in!"

After being stunned for a while, Selina nodded and said, "Okay!" But when she was about to lift her foot, she glanced painfully at the small lovely bag who was almost crushed by the car. "Then how about my bag? "

"Get in the car. I'll buy you a new one," Edgar said coldly, without even taking a look at the stuff under the car

Selina had to nod, "okay!"

Without any hesitation, Selina successfully got on the car.

Since the little guy was lying on the passenger seat, it was c

it would be impossible for Ivy to get it as well!

Also, a man she couldn't get! And she, Ivy, couldn't get it as well! In that case, she would destroy this man at all costs.

Thinking of this, Selina lowered her head with a ferocious look in her eyes!

Humph! 'let's wait and see.' she thought! Since he loves Ivy so much, I will make you love her till you collapse.

But Selina couldn't accept that now. She told herself that she was Ivy! She was Ivy!

That idiot! She always pretended to be pure and lofty! She must pretend to be pure and lofty!

Then, Selina lifted up her chest, "I... I really don't sell my body! Sir, you have damaged my handbag, so you can buy me the same one. As for being your wife, I'm sorry! I'm not interested! "

At the same time, she cursed Ivy in her mind, 'Damn it! How dare you pretend to be pure and lofty! Ten million! My career as a star!

A trace of coldness flashed across Edgar's eyes! Well done! However, what she had done was nothing comparable to what he had expected!

His wife, Ivy, was really cute! This woman, however, looked completely different from her! Fuck it! Disgusting!

If he didn't want to use this stupid woman to annoy her! If he didn't want to know what had happened to Ivy in the past three years?

At the moment, he really wanted to kick the bitch out.

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